In This Pandemic, Virtual Events Have Proved Their Significance: Joy Chatterjee, Mankind Pharma

Earlier businesses did not have a virtual event strategy in place, now it has become quite essential says Joy Chatterjee, General Manager- (Sales and Marketing), Mankind Pharma.


This pandemic has undoubtedly made virtual events an integral part of the marketing strategy. In this exclusive interview with Everything Experiential, Joy Chatterjee of Mankind Pharma speaks about their new campaign featuring Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh and the growing relevance of virtual events. Read on. 

What was your strategy in getting Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador? 

Studies revealed that multivitamins are consumed for mainly two reasons, overall fitness and health and to keep up the energy levels in today’s hectic lifestyle. To intensify and aware people of the product the brand associated with the Age-defying Anil Kapoor and iconic youth superstar Ranveer Singh, to spread the message of a healthy and energetic lifestyle. As no one was better than Anil Kapoor, who is the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and Ranveer Singh, known for his super-energetic persona, to endorse Health OK. 

The main purpose of associating with known faces/ Bollywood actors or actresses is to get attention of consumers asit gives the immediate attention of consumers and helps brand get immediate notice and purchase consideration in the market.

Tell us about Health OK and the reason behind launching this product?

‘Health OK’, multivitamin and mineral tablets, that help cope up with modern lifestyles problems, with its unique formulations of Natural Ginseng and Taurine for maintaining energy, 20 multivitamin and minerals for improving overall health and Vitamin C, D and Zinc, for building Immunity.

The decision was made at a time when the country is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and there is an increased focus on preventive healthcare. Factors such as rising health conditions, changing diets and eating habits have led to an uprising demand in the market. The brand is fully committed to satisfy the aspiring needs and help consumers to get the best quality products. 

Due to the fast-paced life cycle, people tend to ignore their health by skipping meals, and thus look for convenient and unhealthy eating habits leading to regular tiredness, fatigue and weakness- which are signs of lack of macro and micronutrients, hence, resulting in low energy and deteriorating overall health.

What is the audience's response to the brand after the launch? Increase in Sales or demand?

We are receiving lot of queries through social media regards to product and people are appreciating the choice of brand ambassadors. We surpassed our expected numbers and will end up achieving more than we forecasted. due to high demand we have revised our projection as well

Have virtual events become more effective in these pandemic times?

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak ground in-person events to a halt, many organizations and businesses changed their strategy and working standards. One can’t do a business in silos, it’s important to be in touch with your people, hence, virtual events, zoom meetings or webinar have proved their significance. Virtual events showcase the importance that anyone who wanted to bring a community together – witnessed and quickly understood the potential of virtual events. 

Earlier businesses did not have a virtual event strategy in place—conferences, trade shows, and professional meetings were always in-person affairs, after all. But now, it has become quite essential than ever before. Going forward, hybrid events will be the new normal.

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