Immersive Experience Is The Future Of Event Management

Hybrid events are a unification of live and virtual events where-in your audience can effortlessly engage with you in-person as well as digitally.


The global spread of the pandemic has altered daily life and like most industry sectors, the event management industry too has evolved and modified to cope with the new normal. The industry’s imminent shift to the adoption of futuristic solutions like virtualization of events and hybrid modules has drastically changed its landscape.

Below mentioned innovative trends, are an evidence of the industry’s commitment to offering immersive experiences to its customers:

The Industry’s Hybrid Future: The pandemic has compelled the businesses across the world, to resort to digital solutions and virtualization practices. Comprehending the significance of this virtual shift, the events space has embraced hybrid modules which has been predominating in the industry so far. Hybrid events are a unification of live and virtual events where-in your audience can effortlessly engage with you in-person as well as digitally. The key features of hybrid events include an engaging audience experience, networking prospects, personalized touches and pooling of a treasure trove of industry-relevant data. Alongside, this model will aid a larger number of non-local members to remotely participate in an event happening at a physical location. Through hybrid modules, the organizers will also be empowered to attract sponsors and delegates who are new to the format of a live event.

3D Mapping Projections: 3D images have an ability to be mapped to varied surfaces for projections and illumination due to its size and scope. Also, it can generate a dramatic impact on a large scale and at a lower valuation. Lending an immersive dimension to images and videos, these virtual tools are gaining traction across the event industry.

Ambient Interactivity: This is an audience-engaging form of immersive technology formed due to the amalgamation of digital and physical interactions. The core software technology facilitating in generating ambient interactivity is artificial intelligence. It is, in fact, a kind of intelligence with more cultured algorithms dubbed as ambient intelligence. This form of technology lends user-friendly, natural interactivity that is well-matched for any event marketing. This technique demonstrates how the technology used in events can be transmitted automatically without direct human interaction.

Significance Of An Omni-Channel Presence: Understanding how your audience would like to engage and with what content is vital in facilitating to build an engaging experience. With the event industry tuning towards becoming an omni-channel in the future, organisations will have to generate creative content, communities and experiences that will help engaging the customer in the medium they are most comfortable in.

The Application Of Big Data: By carrying more data with accurateness, this network makes it possible for the stakeholders to paint a comprehensive picture of every attendee, thus allowing to obtain profound customer insight with predictive analytics. Big Data’s participation in the events will facilitate to build and strengthen customer profiles with the help of event log records of the number of attendees who have attended the event, the ones in which they haven’t been present and the ones they will likely choose to be a part of in the future.

Experiential Marketing Is Here To Stay: At its core, marketing is all about communication. It is the ability to evidently convey a message at the appropriate time. It’s no wonder that event experimental marketing continues to grow as one of the most significant marketing strategies for the industry to thrive. Experiential marketing is a live event marketing that keeps the audience engaged with the brand like nothing else. This new-age approach is being adopted by the industry to equip customers with immersive brand experiences. Clips of experiential marketing will help in creating an effective brand recall value.

These forward-thinking trends will facilitate recovery and fuel growth for the country’s booming event industry.

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