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Sunfeast, the biscuit brand of ITC Foods has been around for over 10 years now and it doesn’t miss a chance to innovate, be it with their products or their promotional campaigns. Recently, the brand launched its new Sunfeast Farmlite biscuits and created a unique consumer engagement program with an aim to spread awareness about ‘Health and Taste’.

With the need for brands to connect with their audience on the ground slowly growing in India, Sunfeast decided to grasp the attention of weary passengers arriving after their journey at the airport.

The brand partnered with JCDecaux Airport Media India to execute a first-of-its-kind traveler engagement program at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport, with an aim to generate strong consumer connect by holding true to the product’s promise. The on-ground activation by Sunfeast Farmlite involved two large elements of surprise for unsuspecting travelers once they de-boarded and entered the airport lobby. A vibrant farm-like environment was created by the brand with the immersed passengers navigating through windmills, tractors, almond trees, farm animals and a wheat farm.

As passengers progressed to the baggage claim, a sign at the conveyor belt informed them that the belt had to be manually pedaled using exercise cycles stationed close by. Enthusiastic passengers readily took up the challenge and paddled fiercely to get the conveyer belt moving, which brought in huge baskets of Sunfeast Farmlite biscuit packs labeled ‘Pick Me’. The luggage of course followed the baskets.

With this initiative, Famlite has managed to transform a mundane activity of waiting for one’s baggage into a fun workout and hence reinforced the brand’s message that ‘Staying Healthy can be fun!’

Commenting on their new product and the campaign,V L Rajesh, Executive Vice President, foods division, ITC Foods, said, ‘Sunfeast has a premium presence in the biscuits market. With the launch of Sunfeast Farmlite, we have announced our entry into the health biscuit segment as well. The brand straddles the desirable space, where health meets taste. It has been developed after an in-depth research by our experts.’

JCDecaux has a long and fruitful relationship with Sunfeast for their other brands like Yippie and Dark Fantasy. Alok Duggal, Business Head - Bengaluru Airport, JCDecaux India, shared his thoughts on their latest partnership with the brand, ‘ITC wanted to surprise passengers arriving at the airport with elements that would reinforce the brand message that staying healthy can be fun. Hence, the event was conceptualized by integrating an activity with the brand's idea of health and fitness. Airports are among the most secured and restricted transit areas. Therefore, obtaining permissions and following security protocols are the most challenging part. Also, it's the first time that such an activity has been organized at any Indian airport.'

Apart from the main activation at the Bengaluru leg, Farmlite baskets were installed in the lobby and strategic media branding such as wall branding, promotional space and baggage light boxes were also employed to catch the attention of the passengers. The campaign was carried out for three days and resulted in the distribution of 1.5 lakh samples of Sunfeast Farmlite to the passengers.

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