ITC Sunfeast engages captive audience at McDonald's


ITC forayed into the biscuits business in 2003 under the brand Sunfeast. The brand is positioned as innovative and wholesome and stands for happiness, pleasure, satisfaction and contentment. Under its many offerings, Dream Cream is the only biscuit that offers two delicious creams in one. The target audience is kids and the brand is all about double fun and innovation. ITC Sunfeast gave NXP Media the objective to engage its audience, ie, kids between 4 and 14 years of age.

ITC wanted to create brand recall with a distinct wow element. While the brand engages with kids via their school contact programme, however the challenge was to reach them with a difference. Aligning with the brief NXP media put together a multiple connect activity at Mc Donald’s – a fast food restaurant that children of the aimed target audience often visit. The aim was to connect with the kids at various points during their visit to Mc Donald’s. All communication was kids centric and sampling was the key. Mc Donald’s in known for its Happy Meals especially catering to kids in that age group. NXP Media found that as a perfect opportunity to sample ITC’s products to kids of that age group. The result – even happier kids and a successful campaign.

When a new variant of biscuit is launched, there is no better way to get the target audience to purchase the biscuit other than sampling. Customers are not usually adventurous when it comes to trying out new things especially when it comes to food habits. It takes sampling to create a need, and consequently a purchase.

The activity involved sampling with each invoice, promoted via tent cards, and counter top standees. It was a national activity executed across 125 stores where a mix of three variants of Dream Cream biscuits were sampled. The outcome – 30 lac unique customers savoured the biscuits with an approximate reach of 1.2 crore eyeballs. And of course, a number of converted customers as well.

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