I keep exploring myself to ensure my versatility: Siddharth Kannan

A recipient of multiple awards and known to be the most sought after man in the events industry, Siddharth Kannan opens up about his professional journey in this exclusive interview with EE.


He’s known for his versatile talent. As emcee, radio jockey, voice over artist and TV host, Siddharth Kannan has proved that nothing is impossible for a person who is driven and ready to explore new things. A recipient of multiple awards and known to be the most sought after man in the events industry, Kannan opens up about his professional journey in this exclusive interview with EE.

What has your journey as an emcee been like?

I hosted my first radio show at the age of 14 years in Times FM and am in the Limca Book of Records till date for it.

Since I became popular on radio, I immediately started getting lots of events to host. I feel like a student and a newcomer every day of my life and work every hard with my team to create unique content and interactive energisers for the audience to make a huge value add to the events I host and keep coming up with new content all the time to ensure brands and event agencies have a repeat value with me. I keep changing my approach and content as per the brand and audience needs and profile.

How do you think this profession has aided your career?

Hosting ‘Live’ Events has helped me in my career as a Radio and TV host and a content creator on digital platforms. It has helped me think on my feet, be tremendously spontaneous, adapt to situations and mould myself as per the need of the hour. It has made me meet so many people from various stratas of the society, travel the world over and made me evolve as a human being.

You have been credited with many firsts in the ‘Live Experience’ space, tell us about that.

I have been credited with the concept of creating energisers with the audience. Energisers are innovative, interactive audience interactions that keep people involved, energerised, entertained with lots to take back home in terms of thoughts and ideas. I started this concept as a host when I was 14 years old and am glad that it caught on with everyone in our business.

What do you think are the drawbacks of being in this profession?

The drawbacks are that sometimes the travelling can keep you away from your family. Also sometimes people start copying your ideas and I will take this opportunity to educate emcees who are now entering the business that they should learn to create their own content and ideas otherwise you will always be a second version of the ‘Orginal’.

However, this is also a blessing in disguise for me as that helps me to further create new properties and ideas to keep evolving.

Tell us about the experiential side of being an emcee?

The high one receives while being on stage to a live audience is unparralled ! The thrill of knowing that everything is one take and no second chances takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions! The immediate response to what you do prepares even further for anything situation in life! 

You’ve worked with multiple brands: how has the collaboration worked for you?

I have worked with brands as an emcee and as a social media influencer. My videos on YouTube have crossed 35 million views in the shortest span of time and I have renowned brands that have approached me to create content for them and upload it on all my digital platforms because of the high engagement, interactions and the following I have. I spend a lot of time to understand the brand and come up with content and will have a story to tell to ensure that the audience relates to it and it does not look like I am hard selling the brand. My videos branded and non branded have gone viral because of me keep it very ‘Real’ and bringing a strong human connect to my association with the brand.

Even as an emcee my tonality, approach, appearance, content vary depending on the brand and it’s requirements

What are the other activities that you are involved in a part from being in this profession?

I am doing a variety of work which satiates my hunger to keep exploring myself to ensure that I am known for my versatility. I am hosting ‘Super Fight League’ on MTV, Super Boxing League on Sony ESPN, The Hobby Book on Republic TV’s digital platform, on radio hosting  ‘Ishq Khul Ke’ on Ishq 104.8FM and my chat shows on my YouTube channel and my own other digital platforms has touched sky high views.

What is the scope of making a career in a profession like this one in the events industry?

Being a ‘Master of Ceremony’ can be a full time profession. You need to constantly update yourself with happenings around you. Remember, it is a specialized skill and you must hone your skills all the time and most importantly be ‘Original’, otherwise you will never be a trend setter and will be lost in the crowd. You can make a solid livelihood by hosting events, provided you give your heart and soul to it. Worship what you do; there will be no stopping you.

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