How we won the Tier 2 & Tier 3 markets: Rajeev Juneja, CEO, Mankind Pharma

It has always been our endeavour to position Manforce as a promising choice that offers an experience our customers won’t ever forget writes Rajeev Juneja.


There is no running away from the fact that Indians have a conservative approach to sex and is perhaps the most rampant taboo in India. Despite the economic and technological advancements, sexual discourse in the country is yet to witness a significant evolution. From sex education in schools to conversations at home.

As a brand, we have always aimed at becoming an approachable, affordable and admired pick for people. With effective use of advertising mediums and campaigns when it comes to tier 2 and tier 3 alongside much-loved Sunny Leone as our brand ambassador to recall in the eyes of consumers. Manforce successfully made its way into the hearts of people across the nation and became the first brand in its category to promote flavoured condoms.

People of rural areas think that it can hamper their sex life and sometimes they even reuse the old condom, this happens because of a lack of information about the birth control methods and condoms. For these reasons, stakeholders are ready to shake off with many old mores.

Ever since we entered the market, our key purpose has remained the same- to promote the idea of safe sex with more pleasure. We have made sure to keep up with the changing times and experiment with products to leave our sellers with all that is satisfying. It has always been our endeavour to position Manforce as a promising choice that offers an experience our customers won’t ever forget.

The strong distribution has helped us reach people in almost all the regions across the country at a price range Rs.5 to Rs.10 that fits every pocket. We primarily target men SEC A,B &C (18-30 years old). We have been actively communicating with women too. Mainly because they are now becoming vocal in expressing their preferences and act as the prime influencers when it comes to choosing the product/ flavour.

The rural market is still small in India and contributes to about 28% of the 1500 crore condom market in India as per the Nielsen report. Usage of condoms in smaller pockets has increased in the last few years.

The market is primarily dominated by Manforce with a 32% share, followed by KS at 11%, Skore at 8%, Durex at 8% along with the local brands. Manforce being a leading brand in the category has a larger responsibility in addressing relevant issues related to safe sex with an appeal to enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex. It is very much important to educate the people about the benefits of using condoms while having sex, as it helps to protect them by having AIDS and other serious diseases and also it helps in controlling population.

Manforce is a condom brand made by Mankind Pharma Limited Company. It is amongst the Top 5 Pharma companies in India, established in 1995. It is a premium condom brand of the group and now it is considered as the flagship of Mankind Pharma. The company has a comprehensive network of 61 C&F agents and 5000 stockists, which helps them to operate the company under various divisions. Manforce condom has uplifted the brand image by increasing its demand in Tier 1 cities. The brand has been vocal for female perception about intimacy. The manufacturing company of Manforce carefully selects its products for rural markets. They incentivized the distribution channel with schemes and controlled the cost of sales with local hiring. Manufacturers of Mankind condoms introduce a new variant in every six months, which helps to keep the excitement alive.

Also, the company provides products that range from prescription medicines to OTC and FMCG products. The business model aligned to ‘making quality medicines affordable to all’ differentiates Mankind Pharma Ltd substantially from other companies.

With an existing employee base of more than 14,000 people and heading towards a turnover of 1 Billion Dollar, the company aspires to aid the community in leading a healthy life through: formulating, developing, commercializing and delivering affordable & accessible medicines that satisfies urgent medical needs.

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