How curated food experiences are changing the way we dine: Noor Anand Chawla

The arrival of the pandemic affected many things taken for granted, and dining out for pleasure or socialisation was one of them, writes Chawla.


Reflecting on a time not too long ago, dining out frequently was an indelible part of the lives of the urban population. With readily-flowing incomes, well-heeled and well-travelled food connoisseurs indulged in beautifully curated food experiences; through exotic menus in restaurants pioneered by celebrity chefs, or through companies like Conosh, which would organize home-hosted food pop-ups and bring people from different walks of life to socialize and meet others over the comfort of home-cooked food.

The arrival of the pandemic affected many things taken for granted, and dining out for pleasure or socialisation was one of them. However, this did not dim people’s desire to enjoy good food and create special memories that are often attached with dining out. Necessity being the mother of invention, however, has ensured that industry players find a solution to these problems. Conosh has been curating online learning experiences for people that want to cook fabulous meals at home, and for those who need a break from cooking, by offering delivery of curated meals made by gourmet chefs, to homes in Delhi and Bangalore every weekend.

There are plenty of exciting food experiences to titillate our taste buds even today. Read on to know how curated food experiences are changing the way we dine:


Working from home, often entails a lot more than just doing one’s job sitting at home. It also means balancing household chores, cooking healthy meals for kids and other family members while ensuring time for oneself. Hence, taking a break from this week-long grind becomes essential for one’s mental health. Ordering food over the weekends offers a much-needed pamper session. Meals that are specially curated as per personal preferences, are even more appreciated. Many talented home-chefs have emerged as products of the pandemic and they deliver home-crafted meals to your doorstep. Services like Conosh make it a regular weekend offering by changing the menu each time.


People who have discovered a love for cooking and baking only recently, have the option of honing their skills by learning from the best in the business. They can upskill themselves by taking online sessions through ‘Social Hours’, curated by Conosh, where Masterchefs and other industry experts lead workshops and question-answer sessions every weekend. These online sessions range from baking to making bread to cooking gourmet food at home. Some of the chefs that have conducted lessons so far include the likes of Ranveer Brar, Masterchef Kirti Bhoutika, Anna Poyviou, Sashi Cheliah, Chef Vicky Ratnani, Chef Anahita Dhondy, and Sarah Todd.


An extremely important aspect of eating out is the social one, where people sit together and appreciate their meal together. Electronic devices are often put away and attention is focused on the company as well as the delicious dishes being consumed. Through food-focussed meet-ups, there was an added advantage of meeting new and like-minded people, while enjoying the food. Though these experiences cannot be recreated in a digital environment, one can still meet and make meaningful connections with other attendees of these specially curated workshops. The shared tastes and interests ensure an easy camaraderie which may inspire them to connect offline, cook and eat together!

The sharing of food is often associated with happy chatter, the sound of laughter, the feeling of contentment, friendship and warmth. Even if dining out is proving problematic during the pandemic, one can get creative with their dining choices at home and online. If you live in Delhi or Bangalore especially, Conosh, whose name denotes the art of eating together, promises to bring your next curated food experience to you.

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