Hindustan Times brings the Ganesh Aarti to you

Mumbai, has welcomed our beloved Lord Ganesha and serenaded him beautifully this Ganesh Chaturthi.


Mumbai, has welcomed our beloved Lord Ganesha and serenaded him beautifully this Ganesh Chaturthi. No matter how harsh the rains have been, Mumbaikars celebrated the onset of this festival with great fervour as they waited to offer their prayers, happiness with Ganeshji, friends and family. Having said that, most Mubaikars are committed to fulfilling their work and personal commitments that following traditions and celebrations becomes a weekend affair. It is estimated that over 7.5 million Mumbaikars use the Mumbai local daily. Having said that most of them miss out on mahurat hours to partake with the Ganesh Aarti.

Hindustan Times, the second most read English daily in Mumbai, noticed this gap and decided to put multiple groups of Aarti mandali teams together to add the festive touch to the daily commute of Local Train travelling Mumbaikars. Mumbaikars, now to chant the Ganesh Aarti with the Hindustan Times Aarti Mandali and partake with praising Lord Ganesha during the auspicious period of the day, daily. These groups sing/perform the Aarti on Central Railways and Western Railways during the morning from 8:00 A.M. to 12.00 P.M and evenings from 4 P.M to 8.00 P.M. Keeping the needs and sentiments of Mumbaikars in mind, Hindustan Times has attempted to bring joy and unity while offering praise to Lord Ganesha in local trains this Ganesh Chaturthi. Even in this difficult weather Mumbaikars experienced positive vibes, divine chants and togetherness!

Hindustan Times is also running a contest for Ganesh Chaturthi on digital and the big gratification is an aerial view of the Ganpati Visarjan from a helicopter on 6th or 12th September. Let’s all come together this Ganesh Chaturthi & make it an even bigger celebration.

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