Highlights of A&M Studio’s Ghar Aaja Pardesi, digital concert that wrapped up in the International locations of USA, Canada and UAE from 26th to 28th May

This digital concert has been designed with the objective to give the artists a platform to reach out and connect to their homeland via their incredible music.


The third day of the 6 day concert saw various versatile singers across USA, Cananda and UAE who sang in various regional languages, classical, international, sufi, ghazels, contemporary, bollywood music .The show was anchored by Manpreet Singh Kochar of A&M Studio and Joe Baath and Bhavana Bhatia.

This digital concert has been designed with the objective to give the artists a platform to reach out and connect to their homeland via their incredible music. In these times when many of our artists and fellow countrymen and their families are stuck with uncertainty of not even knowing they will return to their motherland, meet friends and families and be with their loved ones. This is a heartfelt reach out for everyone to connect with their roots and expressing emotions through music. This is A&M Studio’s 3rd digital concert over the last 2 months. With these digital concerts, A&M Studio also aims to raise funds for Child Help Foundation, who work with children in difficult situations.

On the completion of the international phase of the 6 day digital concert, Manpreet Singh Kochar, Founder and CEO of A&M Studio said, “ 3 days into the concert and Ghar Aaja Pardesi has become an emotional journey for all the artists across the 3 countries. We wrapped up with the “pardesi” phase of our concert with nostalgic performances. The concert saw some really emotional moments, where some artists stopped and connected with their families – parents and friends back home. I feel happy that the A&M Studio family has grown and is now connected across seas with such good talent”

Some of the highlighted artists and musicians who performed over the last 3 days and enthralled thousands of viewers and listeners across countries and made them nostalgic with songs of Pardes and Swades, are: Canada - Glory Guliani, Ravneel Singh, Kanav Malhotra, Shantanu Banerjee and Himani. USA – Manmeet Kaur, Harini Vasudevan, Avni Singh and Azim Khan. UAE – Arun Singh, Adel Sarang, Sneha Rao and Vishal.

A&M Studio Ghar Aaja Pardesi is co-presented by The Crazy Yogi Koffie - freshly roasted artisanal koffie and Loudest.In. The concert is powered by Fever FM, Media Partner – PTC Punjabi, Activations and Media partner - Everything Experiential, Digital Audio Partner - One Loop, Digital News Partner - News Mobile, Virtual Partner – My Eventz, Outdoor Partner - Social Street, Canada Radio Partner- Dhishum Radio. 

Many more talented artists of India to perform from today i.e.29th May till 31st May 2020.

Do tune in to watch these incredible artists perform




· 60+ artists and musicians from all across the World – India, UAE, Canada and USA

· The Digital concert will be hosted from A&M Studio Facebook page and relayed from Child Help Foundation page.

· The genres will range from Folk, Sufi, Bollywood, Regional, Pop, Fusion

· 11 Hrs non-stop concert for 6 days. Each artist performing live for 45 mins

· The Concert will be anchored by the RJs of Fever 104 FM and celebrity anchors – Joe Baath & Bhavana Bhatia

A&M Studio has also partnered with Child Help Foundation, with an objective to raise funds for children from marginalized sections, who need support during the lockdown.

During these difficult times, let’s show gratitude and spread kindness.

We urge everyone to join in, participate, encourage these amazing artists who are doing their best to cheer and entertain you and also do donate generously to our partner NGO – Child Help Foundation

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