Hidesign Joins Hands With Pondicherry Heritage Festival (PHF) 2019

The festival will be held in Pondicherry from 27th January to 11th February 2019.


Hidesign has announced its partnership with one of the most prestigious events, the Pondicherry Heritage Festival 2019. In its 5th edition, the festival will be held in Pondicherry from 27th January to 11th February 2019.

Hidesign, an international brand that grew out of Pondicherry, strongly values naturalness, handcrafting and love for nature, just like the Pondicherry envisioned by the festival. Hidesign has partnered from year one of the festival and is proud to be associated with Pondicherry Heritage Festival 2019 with its emphasis on Pondicherry’s splendid natural heritage, including the coast, rivers, water bodies, wetlands, and forests.

The schedule will be brimming with events. Many of Pondicherry’s heritage buildings will be opened to public for tours and host special events featuring Pondicherry cuisine. The festival promises multiple events for children. There will be numerous opportunities for creative participation, through dance, poetry-writing, and photography competitions. The annual Pondicherry Heritage Quiz for teams of students from schools throughout the city remains a festival highlight. The organizers have planned a special “Street Play” day, in which young and old alike will be reminded of the important social function our streets played before they were overwhelmed with vehicles. The festival will conclude with one hundred school children coloring the Heritage Coloring Book, launched at the 2018 festival.

Dilip Kapur, President and Founder of Hidesign said, “Hidesign has always cherished natural heritage and the culture of Pondicherry, and we are happy to contribute to preserve and promote it. Whether it’s a civic issue or an issue with heritage sites, every aspect of the city is given close attention and much love. I have lived in the middle of a forest for several years; ecology is a part of our lives. Day in and day out we need to take care of our town in the best way we can.”

On 10th February, the festival will witness a unique musical evening with artist Shivan’s performance on the culture and heritage of Pondicherry at The Storytellers’ Bar in The Promenade hotel. The walls of The Storytellers’ Bar are filled with beautiful stories of Pondicherry written by travelers and local, and will be the perfect backdrop for Shivan to keep us entertained with beautiful stories about Pondicherry strung to popular melodies.

You can get detailed information on the Pondicherry Heritage Festival and a schedule of events at: and

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