Here’s how the event industry supported PM Modi’s clarion call to fight COVID-19

The events and experiential community is making all efforts to support the government's mission to control the spread of the pandemic.


The ongoing battle against COVID-19 has become a mission statement for everyone at the personal and community levels. Besides the commendable efforts by the government, private sector players are contributing their bit to tackle this unprecedented health scare.

The events and experiential industry, which has been impacted massively by the COVID-19 scare, is making all efforts to support the government’s mission to control the spread of the pandemic. 

On Sunday, members of the events fraternity came out on their balconies as part of PM Narendra Modi’s janta curfew. They gave a shout-out to people who have been providing medical and other essential services during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Here is how the community supported the fight against COVID-19 and cheered for the front line fighters:

Rituraj Khanna, CEO, Q Events  

I got my family together and we cheered and played mantras. It was a great gesture. I think everybody was  pepped up after that show  of gratitude for the doctors, the nurses, the police people who have been working throughout all this. I believe we did something which was impossible, that is to bring the entire nation together and do something huge like this.

Gitikka Ganju Dhar, Anchor I Actor I Writer

There were raging debates and many snide comments made on social media about the proposed gesture by Prime Minister Modi. But in the end, look at the scale at which the nation participated. The debate is now irrelevant. Personally, I clapped for all those, who are risking their lives whilst providing essential services to the community, including my husband who is a banker. We owe them. Also, I noted how this community exercise made everyone so happy. We felt connected as a nation. Is that not important at a time like this? Everything doesn't deserve criticism. We've become too cynical as people.

Siddharth Kannan, Talk Show Host

It is great how the medical officers, the doctors, police and the shop owners look after our necessities. Imagine life is in deathyard and this situation got all of us together and the feeling of sharing gratitude to the true heroes from us. My wife,me and my four year old daughter Adhira Kannan and my one year old daughter Saisha kannan and the househelps took plates and started applauding these people. We saw through our windows people coming out of the balcony and applauding. The reverberation across the country was so pure and so divine. I think some people got emotional and some people almost got tears in their eyes. I think when a situation like this comes we all are together.

Also my video of showing the gesture got two million views on TikTok. So it was trending on TikTok which clearly shows people were watching the video with the same sentiments.

Sonam C Chhabra- Actor, Live Host, Content Creator

I was prepared from the beginning, that at the evening appreciation gesture even if there would only be one person cheering our heroes, that would be me. But 'My-Oh-My' it was really heartening to see the way people turned up in their spaces. I along with my parents did our bit by appreciating our medical professionals,servicemen, police officers and the heroes of our times by beating a spoon on the plate.

In the times where fear of this deadly pandemic has gripped everyone and people are panic stricken, locked in their homes, the  collective gesture of coming together in solidarity for #5minutesat5pm during Janata Curfew was the beacon of hope. 

Among the cacophony of banging utensils, bells, drums and claps, I could hear the symphony of the unity of our country and the courage every individual is capable of.

Nanni Singh, Chief Executive, Showcase Events

Eyes welled up and there were strong energies all around. One common thought and feeling of gratitude and safety for all. As an event person, it was a huge lesson. Life has its own ways of making events, which actually teach you what a true experience is - an experience from within, not just an external creation.

Coronavirus ironically has taught us all a big LIVE and not just EXIST. Each event is an experience, each activity leads to one. Participation in yesterday's 5pm applause was just that.

Bhavana Bhatia, Popular Emcee 

It was around 4:45 pm I was sipping tea and suddenly from the beautiful chirping we heard the ‘shank’ being played. People came out of their windows and to my amazement I could see everyone applauding. We had some bells arranged in my garden and my mom and dad both came to the balcony and participated. The atmosphere was electric. The claps resonated as I could even view our watchmen in our building applauding. It displayed our solidarity as a country. 

Coming from the LIVE INDUSTRY it felt as if we all went LIVE from our homes.

Payal Chaddha, Anchor/Actor

There were so many people in my colony who came out in support of the gesture. Even though it was just for five minutes we felt so connected with each other even when we were far from each other which is very beautiful. I really don’t know any facts about the planets and how they can cause any vibrations . After the silence of the entire day there was this sound which was pleasing to the ears.

Shona Rajput, Model and Host

Mother Earth is healing causing us pain for the pain we caused mother earth, she wants to see our humanity over the political and religious values that we have. 22nd March 2020 was one such day where the entire nation came together to express their gratitude towards the selfless people working to keep us safe.

Hitesh Rikki Madan, Vocalist and Guitarist, Eka

It’s absolutely essential to self-quarantine at this point of time. The entire world, not just our nation, must be in this together as one and this initiative taken by our Government has made us feel united in the fight against Covid 19. After a whole day of quiet and rest, it was terrific to have a little makeshift concert in my balcony to cheer up the neighbours! My kids Ariv and Advay also got something to look forward to, it’s very hard on the children because they have so much energy to bottle up in these times. The neighbours loved it and are asking for more such performances as the lockdown has got extended.
Let’s find ways to spread positivity, love and celebrate in whatever way we can without putting ourselves in danger!

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