Here’s how the event industry professionals are spending their lockdown time

From being stuck in front of the laptop to enjoying time with families, read how the event industry is dealing with the COVID-19 enforced home time.


The novel coronavirus pandemic has literally brought the world  to a grinding halt. The spread of this pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of on-ground events and has affected all major stakeholders of the event and experiential industry globally.

There’s this saying that every challenge comes with an opportunity for the ones who have a positive mind-set. And rightly so. The event professionals are trying to make their way through this pandemic by doing things they always wanted to do, but never had enough time given the rush. The industry hopes for a better tomorrow so that they can be back with renewed energies and continue to create magical experiences.

We spoke to some event professionals from the industry to know how they are spending their time in the lock-down, here is what they had to say: 

Sanjoy Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts & President-EEMA

Life in the time of corona is roughly being stuck in front of my laptop from 10 am to 10pm taking zoom calls from myriad organizations I am associated with all trying to cope with the new reality and double guess what COVID 19 and economy 2020 has on offer. 

A brisk masked walk in the garden at night and movie night on Sunday is the distraction. 4  new digital art programs being rolled out simultaneously plus the full schedule launched by EEMA provides food for the brain! And in all this keeping an eye on the well being of so many of our kids at our Salaam baalak trust home and the well being of the artist community is paramount.

Rajeev Jain, Managing Director, Rashi Entertainment Pvt Ltd

For me this is the most relaxed and cheapest super luxurious holiday.

I am enjoying my corona vacation while playing pool, cricket , badminton , chess with delicious & healthy homemade food along with all the gadgets in bathroom which were installed but never used.

Yes, once in a blue moon I do Zoom calls with my team to discuss business strategy. But I strongly believe... when this holiday will get over...the business will take off and everything will be fine for sure.

Enjoy time with family, have fun , business will happen throughout life but these moments will not come back.

Sushma Gaikwad, Director-ICE Global & Wizcraft MIME

I have nicknamed myself a zoombie as I have been on countless zoom calls during this phase.

Yet on a serious note, this lockdown has given us an opportunity to work with an intentional force and reorganise our enterprise priorities. 

Working with our teams to motivate, re skill and realign them is exciting. I am looking forward to a new tomorrow and a renewed pace.

Dipti Shah, Founder, Head of Events and Alliances, White Salt Entertainment

Remotely, we are sure organizing and executing design-end tasks related to events planned for the year end. That’s to keep the morale of my team up and going! But I do emphasize on finding the silver lining in the dark cloud. You know we are always in a rush to get things going. This is the time to relax, be lazy and at the same time to think creative, innovate and beat all limitations. One of my team members came up with a fantastic fun input: we can possibly have a Dalgona coffee counter at the next event! Haha!

Rahul Gomes, Managing Director, OMPCL

Work is on as usual. While all projects have been either postponed or cancelled we at OMCPL get on zoom calls with all team members at 11 am and 6 pm and with clients in between. It is critical to stay busy and keep our minds ticking so teams are working on ideas focused in clients marketing objectives which can be implemented after this calamity blows over. We at OMCPL along with EEMA and Shri Aditya Thackeray are also working to do our bit to help during this crises. We are working with our partners to build massive temporary structures to help house Quarantine patients which will be well planned, hygienic and comfortable. This is the least we can do to help our government and people during this time when the entire world is going through turmoil.

Rajesh Varma, Founder-Director, CRI Events Pvt Ltd

Here is what my routine looks like: Breakfast 9 am followed by Zoom calls from 10 to 2PM ( industry, network, employees ) which again continue post lunch till 4 PM. This is followed by some family time and watching Netflix.

Khushroo Kekobad, Author- The Health & Safety Event Handbook, Director Live On Stage Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

I am completing the Health and Safety Event Handbook. Part 1 will be out soon. I am also doing reputed health and safety diploma and certificate courses to gain more knowledge such as Fire safety, Waste Management, Disaster Management etc. I am connecting with Safety stakeholders worldwide.

Siddhartha Chaturvedi, CEO, Event Crafter

When all of us are missing on real action on ground for sure and have had our work cancelled or postponed indefinitely. One cannot go on a negative frame of mind as the situation is universal and beyond. I have been keeping my days as busy as they used to be, in fact there have been days I felt I worked more than I usually do. Zoom calls are ensuring the team is all together and individually have tasks in hand for the day...our leadership team has been busy on making business plan and alternate plans for a situation it goes on longer than anticipated. This time has given a time wherein I'm seriously introspecting my personal career and organisational purposes and goals and trying to reset them..Our morning 11 am zoom calls which Sachin and Siddhartha Ganeriwala have been hosting within the community peers is what I look out for everyday as each day I'm gaining a new perspective from my fellow industry colleagues as they tell share there professional journey.....also have been spending some quality time with the family with loads of series binge-watching in various entertainment streams...So all and's a good life out there.

Sonam C Chhabra - Live Host, Actor and Digital Content Creator

Amidst these challenging times, one can easily feel overwhelmed with the information overload. I decided to utilise this time on self-development. I have been reading extensively during the lockdown, a little rediscovery of the bibliophile within me. I have enrolled for a ten day online workshop that keeps my mornings busy and enthusiastic, afternoons are dedicated to my parents and evenings are for workout.

I love spending time with my foster dogs, feeding and playing with them. This quarantine feels like a blessing in disguise, a break I voluntarily would never have taken. I feel closer to my family and friends and got ample time to interact with my social media followers too.

Lincia Jewel Rosario- Emcee and Television Presenter 

This quarantine has provided a lot of "me time".  So I decided to just focus on some basics and get the best of it.  

To begin with, I have invested time in content creation to engage my audience more than ever before.  

I have also deep-dived into everything that makes me super skilled in my craft.  

Secondly, I am learning a few acting skills, acting is something I've always wanted to delve into and this couldn't be a better time.

Also, I swear by a clean diet, so I incorporate organic food into all my meals.  I'm a sucker for green shakes, probiotic fruit bowls, salads and the like. Eating healthy is definitely my mantra.

And yes, I have to say that I am now officially a parent because I've taken up gardening. Taking care of plants is serious parenting business. You fondly water them, take pride in their growth and bask in the happiness they provide. Gardening is definitely my new found pleasure and responsibility.

And last of all, I think a holistic lifestyle requires peace of mind to manifest a positive life.  So I spend time in meditation and books that encourage a positive attitude.  It brings a great sense of calm and peace.

So yeah that's about it, as you can see I'm not "stuck" at home, I'm having a great time at home and making my full use of it.

Bhavana Bhatia, Popular Emcee

When contained at home for my safety and my family's, I am using my time everyday to workout at home religiously, sketch or doodle a little, learn new recipes, dance and choreograph some moves. My aim across my social media channels has been only to roll out positivity and I believe it's time that our faith is bigger than our fear. While everyday I look forward also to improve my skills of communication, read at least 1 hour daily which helps me to only gain further knowledge and perspective.  My work requires me to know many industries so now is my time to divulge further into these topics. Though how much ever I miss being on the stage, I feel grateful for the opportunities of the past and look forward to the landmark events in the future.

( With inputs from Namah Chawla, Neha Jogimohanty and Vandana Bansal)

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