Heineken encourages responsible drinking; launches global campaign “Dance More, Drink Slow”


Heineken as part of its latest global EHR (Enjoy Heineken Responsibly) campaign “Dance More, Drink Slow” is encouraging the concept of responsible consumption of beer among adult consumers. The global campaign delivers a powerful responsible drinking message in a new, compelling way. It focuses on making moderate drinking an aspirational behaviour when enjoying a night out, highlighting the importance of staying in control.

To inspire a drinking in moderation ‘movement’ the brand has teamed up with world famous DJ, Armin Van Buuren. The DJ has released a new track in the name of ‘Save My Night’ to support Heineken’s campaign ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’. The lyrics of the track are “The music saves my soul. The beat saves my life. Tonight, the DJ saves my night”.

The track is communicated to young adults aimed to trigger the right mind-set during a night out and to make drinking in moderation cool.

In 2011, the company launched ‘Sunrise’, a campaign that brought to life the powerful idea that there are no limits, when you know your limits. It highlighted that by enjoying Heineken in moderation, Heineken’s ‘Man of the World’ has the opportunity to engage with friends, meet new people and explore new experiences. ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ now takes this message to a new level.

The new campaign builds on this long standing commitment to the ‘Enjoy Heineken Responsibly’ message which has been seen across the world since 2004 through Heineken’s sponsorships platforms such as UEFA Champions League, Rugby World Cup and hundreds of music events. The messaging also appears on hundreds of millions of bottles and cans annually.

Commenting on the initiative, Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Senior Vice President Marketing, United Breweries Limited said; “As an industry leader, Heineken wants to contribute to the positive role of beer in society, by making moderation drinking aspirational for consumers. We believe that we can be more effective in encouraging positive behaviour by utilising our creativity and communicating the message of responsible drinking in an engaging and relevant way".

The ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ campaign will also be brought to life through “The Experiment”, a film featuring Armin van Buuren.  The social experiment focuses on two separate nights out in the same club with the only difference being the DJ. The film demonstrates the influence a DJ has on consumers to change their behaviour to dance more and consequently drink slow. “The Experiment” assesses the exciting possibilities that naturally occur on a night out when drinking responsibly.

Says DJ Armin van Buuren, “When I play a DJ set to thousands of music lovers, I want them to enjoy the moment, to remember it after the night has finished. This means consuming alcohol in moderation, so that the moment is not lost.

The reason I have partnered with Heineken on ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ is because we have a fantastic opportunity, and responsibility, to connect better with our audience and affect behaviour change. Drinking responsibly is an important issue and being able to use music, specifically the “Save my Night” track, to innovatively deliver that message directly to fans on the dance floor is unique.”

The campaign is rolled out in more than 20 countries and will be supported by a series of integrated experiential activities targeting young adults during their nights out.

In the past, SABMiller had launched ‘Respect the Road’ - Don't Drink and Drive Campaign promoting responsible drinking; encouraging people not to drink and drive in association with Mega Cabs.

In a bid to endorse the message of responsible drinking, Bacardi India had launched a digital on-ground CSR initiative ‘Walk the Line’ that allowed the brand to interact with people and increase awareness on the topic.

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