Health Minister Satyendra Kumar Jain Felicitates EEMA Covid Warriors

Team EEMA was represented by Rajeev Jain, Senior Member; Samit Garg, Executive Vice President and Shailender Singh, Director Operations, EEMA Secretariat.


Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the unified body for events in India, today witnessed a special moment when Hon. Health Minister, Shri Satyendra Kumar Jain felicitated EEMA Covid Warriors for their support in managing the Sant Nirankari Covid Facility, Burari and the Rakabganj Gurudwara Covid facility. 

The event began with the Minister’s address. He talked about how the 2nd wave of the Covid 19 pandemic brought enormous distress to the country. The number of patients falling to this epidemic increased day by day. It was then the Govt. worked on creating such covid facilities where mild to moderate patients could be treated. He also spoke to the on-ground team and asked for their respective suggestions and feedback to further improvise their efforts. He also shared his idea of creating a lab within the premises for on-spot testing. Rajeev Jain, senior member at EEMA added by highlighting the feedback gathered from the recovered patients and efforts provided to them. 

Team EEMA here was represented by Rajeev Jain, Senior Member,  Samit Garg, Executive Vice President and Shailender Singh, Director Operations, EEMA Secretariat. The set of members and volunteers facilitated included, Ruchin Kohli (Joint Secretary, North Zone), Vipul Pandhi (Member), Tushar Malik (Zonal Manager, North, EEMA Secretariat), Gurjeev Singh Gulati (Volunteer) and Joy (Volunteer). They were provided with a Certificate that highlighted their achievements and appreciated them for their exceptional work in helping the masses. 

The Burari facility began on the 2nd May, 2021, with 1000 beds which were supported by oxygen concentrators. Followed by this was the Rakabganj Gurudwara Facility that started on 10th May, 2021. It comprised of 250 beds beds initially and were later increased to 300. It catered to mild patients along with a few ICU specialized beds for moderate patients. Since their inception, both these facilities have been able to manage nearly 400+ people. On the 7th May, 2021,  Satyendra Kumar Jain, visited the facility and appreciated EEMA’s efforts at the respective venues. Another effort highlighted was the EEMA led 24 Hours Oxygen Support Helpline. The healthcare system had been challenged strongly and to cater to the need of the hour, the members in the community created 24 hour Oxygen helpline. It provided real-time updates on oxygen availability in Delhi NCR along with addresses twice every day. Due to the overwhelming demand many oxygen suppliers had switched off their phones or were not able to respond, which is the reason why this was set up in the first place. As a result over 5000 distressed callers were helped. The event finally concluded with a thank you note by Samit Garg, EVP, EEMA. 

Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA, said, “These have been really challenging times for the event community. But we’re proud of the efforts undertaken by our members in helping the masses as much possible.” He also added, “I would like to express my warm gratitude towards the Hon. Health Minister, Sh. Satyendra Kumar Jain for his belief and trust in us. Also, congratulations to everyone for receiving this coveted acknowledgement.” 

Prerana Saxena, Vice President, North, EEMA, said, “EEMA has always been looking to collaborate with the government and work hand in hand for the betterment of the society at large. We are thankful to the Hon. Minister who gave us this chance to manage these facilities. It has been our honour to come out & help. We deputed our people who are expert in managing large events at their facility and we are happy that we were able to help the government & all the people at large and to manage these facilities. We also look forward for more such opportunities in future.”

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