Great examples of how brands ‘flash’ their consumers


It was a usual busy day at the London’s Liverpool Street Station. Commuters were rushing to catch their trains, sipping their morning coffee, talking on the phone or reading the paper when all of a sudden a man started singing and dancing to a popular song playing in the background. Unsuspecting onlookers stopped to look as two, three and then hundreds of people joined in, creating a sudden stir and a sizeable audience. At the centre of all this engaging activity was a brand, T-Mobile.

Flash mobs are seen as an effective way of community building as they leave an image in the mind of the consumers, which is why brands are increasingly getting themselves associated with this ‘surprise’ quotient.

EE brings to you 5 such experiential marketing campaigns that top our charts.

1.The T-Mobile ‘Welcome Back’

As a part of T-Mobile’s ‘Life’s for Sharing’ campaign, the brand created a flash mob at the Heathrow Airport in London with an aim to give the arriving passengers a memorable welcome. The performers danced and sang to give a special welcome to each of the travelers and the airport soon came alive with all the excitement.  The idea behind the campaign was that life is full of unexpected and wonderful things that you want to be able to share with your family and friends. T-Mobile created a short film of the flash mob which went viral and till date has over 14 million views on YouTube.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Unpacked’

Ahead of the launch of its Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung conjured up a troupe of dancers right in the middle of New York’s Times Square. Dressed in bowler hats and black suits with the number 4 printed on their back, the dancers emerged from a box titled ‘Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy’. The tap dancers performed a playful routine and engaged the bystanders before dancing back into the box.

India is not far behind when it comes to using flash mobs as a way of attracting crowds and creating an engaging experience for them. Santosh Desai, CEO of Future Brands, says, "There is much talk about creating experiences for the consumer and this (flash mob) acts as the perfect medium to give them that."

3. Nokia’s Lumia surprise

Nokia, as a part of their promotional campaign for the launch of its Lumia smartphone, carried out simultaneous flash mobs in malls across several metro cities in the country. It was a typical weekend ahead of Christmas and the malls were swarmed with shoppers hurrying to finish their long holiday shopping lists. The onlookers were taken by surprise when exactly at 6 pm a large group of people including men, women and children gathered at each of the malls and broke into a dance that lasted a few minutes and ended with the signature Nokia tune. As seen in the video, strategic branding was done by the company around the area in which the dance was performed.

4. Oral-B’s ‘BindaasBateesi’ movement

Brands are even roping in celebrities and are banking upon their star power to create such experiences for their customers. Famous actress and dancer, Madhuri Dixit, recently surprised her fans at the Oberoi Mall in Mumbai by performing a song and dance sequence to the jingle of Oral-B. The idea behind the campaign, which was done in a ‘Flash Mob’ way, was to encourage people to join in on the Oral-B Smile India movement.

5. Mahindra grooves to ‘Live Young, Live Free’

Big brands are increasingly targeting highly crowded areas to carry out flash mobs in order to maximize their audience. At the 12th Auto Expo 2014 in Delhi, Mahindra conducted a flash mob where dancers performed to ‘Live young, live free’, which is the theme song of the brand. Some of the dancers were even dressed as security guards and emerged from within the crowd to surprise the automobile enthusiasts. The brand continued the campaign by uploading the video of the flash mob on Facebook which has gone on to get almost 6,000 likes.

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