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Godrej Consumer Products Limited is one of those brands which has always emphasized on constant innovation to cater to its target audiences. The company recently wanted to penetrate the rural market of the country through a campaign for its mosquito repellant Good knight Fast Card with the tagline-"fattack se furr".

The main objective of the campaign was to introduce and thoroughly educate rural consumers of Maharashtra about Good Knight’s innovative cost-effective mosquito repellant – Fast Card. And the mandate to conceptualize and execute the campaign was handed over to Vritti iMedia.

In an exclusive conversation with EE, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Director- Marketing Strategies, Vritti iMedia shared how the Audiowala Bus Station Campaign by Goodknight enabled the brand to establish a strong foothold in the rural hinterland.

Speaking about the concept of the experiential initiative Radhakrishnan says, The whole concept was co-creation of Good knight Team and Vritti iMedia. For the campaign we initially conceptualized a few ideas and the client added a few more. Subsequently Godrej and our team brainstormed for almost 2 full days on all the options and finally we arrived at the executable ideas for this activity in Pandharpur.

The campaign focused on “Pandharpur Aashadi Eakadasi”, which is the biggest yatra of Maharashtra in July and coincidently the most favorable breeding season for mosquitoes. During this time Pandharpur witnesses around 15-20 lakh devotees mostly from rural Maharashtra, which was a strong opportunity for the brand to reach a high number of target customers in a lesser area coverage.

The Godrej team wanted some different kind of integrated communication and engagement at Pandharpur which could connect people both socially and emotionally beyond some traditional stall or outdoor branding. Vritti iMedia created the communication through:

1) Audio Communication (Jingle Wala Bus Stand) across Maharashtra: From over 30 Bus stations across Maharashtra State, devotees travelling to Pandharpur were guided about the bus schedules and were welcomed through Public Announcement Systems accompanied with the informative Fast Card jingles at Bus Stands across Maharashtra. This audio campaign was released 20 days before the main Ashadi ekadash to build some initial momentum and create some inquisitiveness about the Fast card.

2) Outdoor Communication: Information boards /Direction Boards/ Sign boards communicating social and information messages at important locations were branded and erected at strategic points around the town of Pandharpur.

3) Print communication: 5 lakh booklets containing Bhajan/Mantra/Stotra and other information about the city like the locations, directions, and bus schedules as well as the information about Good Knight Fast Card were distributed to every person in the city.

4) On Ground activation: Bhajan Mandaps were established near the temple and river area, which were the prime spots of rest for the pilgrims. Volunteers announced about Good Knight Fast Card sponsorships and basic product information during the intervals.

5) Free Water Distribution: Devotees in order to complete their religious journey had to endure a long wait of about 2-3 days in the queue that was almost 10 kilometers long. 80 volunteers served water to the devotees round the clock for complete seven days in the temple queue and other waiting areas.

6) Live Darshan on 8X6 LED:  For the first time in the city Live Darshan of the deity was aired on 8X6 Outdoor LED TV installed adjacent to the Queue wherein everyone standing in the queue could watch lord Vithoba live. Also those who could not experience the actual view of the deity at a recommended time could watch it on the LED TVs. Fast card product information’s was given through bands and scrollers and were also telecast in between intervals which made numerous devotees emotional and grateful towards Good Knight Fast Card.

7) Mutt Demonstrations: A Mutt is a huge hall that can accommodate around 1000-2000 devotees for sleeping. Promoters were engaged for demonstration and sampling during the evening hours for 7 days which made their night peaceful.

8) Branding: Vritti iMedia also created strong branding propositions for Good Knight through Information boards/sign boards/ t-shirts/water tank/ LED TVs at all congregation places. Temple queue/river side/inside maths/railway stations/bus stations were also branded and the product tag line Phatak se Furr was also communicated on these in Marathi language.

The campaign was executed over 20 days and resulted in huge success for the brand product. Speaking about it Radhakrishnan shared, ““Audiowala Bus station”   with its spread across 80+ locations and reach of 90 Million people played a pivotal role in the launch of Fast Card in rural parts of Maharashtra. The 20 days campaign which srated before the Pandharpur event helped creating buzz in rural parts of Maharashtra and the activities during the event helped the brand creating a strong recall value for it.”

The audio ad of the campaign alone reached 60,000 people every day and was broadcasted around 30 district Bus stations for 20 days and the campaign overall touched 3.6 Cr people across the state. Also the activation Impacted and increased sales for Fast card in a massive way across Mahrashtra.

When asked upon what as per him resulted in the success of this campaign, Radhakrishnan says, “The key ingredients for any successful campaign is understanding of insights, detailed planning, and execution. Fast card launch at Pandharpur was all about getting the right idea at the right place at the right time.

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