Going digital is the new normal: AK Rahman

In a quick chat with Everything Experiential, AK Rahman shared how he managed to convert the challenges of lockdown and his experience with digital events.


Live artists are immensely spontaneous and are always able to find new and better ways to engage and entertain their audiences. The suspension of live events moved them from on stage to on screen. 

The pandemic has certainly affected all possible income streams for the live artists due to cancellation of their projects. But most of them were very quick to make the digital switch and utilise the super powerful tool of social media.

One such popular live host and anchor is AK Rahman. In a quick chat with Everything Experiential, he shared how he managed to convert the challenges of lockdown and his experience with digital events.

Here are the excerpts:

How are live artists adjusting to the lockdown and COVID times?

Lockdown and COVID 19 has made life as living in the challenging times, it is changed the whole equation, with live events coming to an end, it is time to reset and reinvent the wheel, the scary part is .. without shows the money has also come to a standstill, but the live artist don't want this to put them down. A lot of them have started to collaborate create and innovate. And thus GOING DIGITAL is the new normal.

With everything happening online, the live events industry went through a big transformation as well. How did you adapt to this change?

Its been an interesting change. I have started brushing up with a lot of insta lives and facebook lives to start up with, with guests from the event industry, Bollywood, music industry and the corporate world, its been a good learning and it has made things very exciting.

Getting to speak with the biggest of names like Boman Irani, Ashish Vidyarthi and others too from the corporate world. 

Tell us about some of your recent events.

I have had a few digital events which I did with various clients and event managers, it has been an exciting journey because it is a different ball game, One of my event was on Chroma which was very exciting for an insurance giant, it had loads of virtual reality rarely experimented and with 4000 people watching you, you are the ringmaster, getting the business angle right, with perfect interaction, interactive fun with loads of people from across the country, keeping in mind that its multilingual, with a touch of humor and add sons.

My singing, motivational touch and wit has added more spunk into the events. The fun does not stop, neither the inquiries. 

Has the online transition made your job easy? Tell us some of the positives of hosting events online?

The online transition has not made it easy. It has made it even more challenging. Now is the time to raise the bar, what u did in live events would give instant gratification, but online is not instant. You do not see instant smiles or applause coming your way and you need to keep your adrenaline pumping because YOU HAVE TO BE CHARGED UP .. YOU MAKE THE WHOLE EVENT GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

The positive of hosting online events is that you can experiment more and try new things.. completely get out of your comfort zone and DO THE NEW.

Tell us some of the challenges that you have faced while hosting a virtual event.

The biggest challenge is internet connection, sometimes lack of clarity as to what is needed and doing too many things without really going through the details and over expectations.. rest is all easy.

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