Glanbia advocates importance of health & nutrition at CSR initiative Fit India Conclave

Ashwini Kumar Choubey, minister of state for health and family welfare and Bollywood Star Sonu Sood spoke about the importance of nutrition and the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle at the “Fit India Conclave” held at Taj Mansingh in Delhi.


As a part of the movement, individuals and organisations can undertake various efforts for their own health and well-being as well as for the health and well-being of fellow Indians. which vehemently is spreading education and awareness about an active lifestyle and nutrition, also announced a path-breaking Rs. 2 multi-nutritional sachet by Glanbia for common people, which is completely Made In India. Fit India has also partnered with more than 1000 Villages to fight malnutrition in across the country and, Pledge their support to Village Transformation.

Avik Sanyal, Country Head of Glanbia, said “To support our mission to “Make India A Fitter India” we will be launching an affordable range of products to meet daily nutrition requirement of the people inIndia. And these products will be available across 20,000 stores inIndia. We had taken a target to reach 100 million people. Till now we have conducted 300 events. We will be going to deeper and deeper in the cities."

Talking about the Revenue Sanyal Said," In terms of the revenue Fit India is a CSR driven event of Glanbia. In terms of numbers Glanbia is the Number one Sports Nutrition Company. So for us business has been growing in multiple force. The consumer trust our products. And in a hectic lifestyle requirement of nutrition and protein deficiency is becoming a concern. As for our company we are moving into more deeper distribution. We are not focusing on one spectrum of society we know there is affordable nutrition requirement. As you heard from the minister as well that large percentage of the population require affordable nutrition. So glanbia is providing multi nutrition and multi vitamin solutions at affordable prices. So what ever consumers want our products will be there to help them."

Ashwini Kumar Choubey, minister of state for health and family welfare, said, "Today at Fit India campaign we are here to get fit. I'm really Proud of this conference and initiative and i'm looking forward how we can join more people to this campaign.  I feel god has given us a body which can do anything. If you are healthy then everything fine and if you are unhealthy nothing will be good for you and people only support you for a short time if you are unhealthy. Prime Minister's Modi has contributed so much for the "Swachhta Abhiyan" and cleanliness do contributes to healthy life. If we see poor people they don't know anything about Hygiene and no doubt they do hard work but still they are suffering from diseases like Diabetes. Health is wealth as we often say is hundred percent right. Well I got the pleasure to contribute in making 33,000 Toilets. A healthy life style is very important."

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