Get blown as 'The Survival Billboard' comes to life at EEMAX

One of the most successful campaigns of the year, the survival billboard was brought to life by the Momentum group, the total brand experience agency, and therefore who better to hear about it than from Chris Weil, the CEO and Chairman, himself! Where? At the EEMAX Global Conclave, 18th of October at Mumbai's Sahara Star!


November 2015, had some of the most popular games poised to be released, Call of Duty, Fall Out, Halo and Star Wars Battlefront. The Rise of the Tomb Raider, which was scheduled for the same time, therefore had tough competition for success.

They rose to the challenge with an equally sound advertising strategy, a live billboard. To attract the attention of the gamers, a real life experience was created that would not fail to impress.

So, a prime billboard in the London Bridge, UK had eight contestants, determined to emulate their heroine in the gaming world- Lara Croft. The campaign invited the world to check if they could match the grit, courage and stamina of Croft and that distinguished the virtual lady warrior.

The contestants had to stand up at the billboard for hours, in different weather conditions, from sweltering heat, pouring rain, to pelting snow. And the challenges thrown their way were decided by none other than the viewers, who stayed up with excited participation and anticipation, and voted on the website to see who would last the ravages of the most hostile of conditions.

The contestants were chosen by an impartial judge, after determination checks and mental and physical examinations, from a wide range of applicants.

However the process was intricate and fraught with meticulous detailing, from medical and legal formalities, to onsite crew and medics who evaluated the weather conditions, to the real time streaming and interaction with consumers.

Trumping all difficulties, though, the campaign managed to engage, stimulate and connect with the audience successfully, who felt the power to decide, and choose their own hero. It won 17 awards at the Cannes Lions, including five golds, another no less important outcome being two contestants who found love on the battlefield.

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