Get Ready For Some Serious Comedy With AXE Presents The Weirdass Pajama Festival


If laughter is the best medicine, then this one is the mother of all cures. Axe presents The Weirdass Pajama Festival – India’s first of its kind festival set to stage a comedic takeover of Mumbai from January 10-12. Weirdass is programming the event with producers Only Much Louder, known for organising music shows like NH7 Weekender. “Going to a festival can be a lot of work,” says actor and comedian Vir Das, “because it usually involves booking tickets, packing bags and travelling to a distant venue.” That's why his entertainment company, Weirdass Comedy, has decided to cut down on some of the effort for fun-seekers by bringing together 69 'seriously amusing' artists to perform at venues sprinkled across Mumbai. And these comic minds are going to hit the city in their – Briefs, Boxers and Pajamas. To clarify, The Briefs will be stand-up shows at smaller venues in the city, The Boxers are roomier venues, and The Pajamas are four flagship shows never seen before by Indian audiences (and a surprise fifth show after the festival).

"If you want comic relief, it is coming to you no matter which part of the city you live in. And you don't even have to get dressed," says Das. Spread over three days, the festival will also host Jammy Time, the first-ever stand-up show for kids, featuring Comedy Club 4 Kids, a UK-based comedy group. Ask TWPF’s founder and comedian-actor Vir Das about the idea, and he says, “We have more than 69 comedians from all over the world, dance performances, sketches, stand-up, improv troupes, theatre, workshops, parades and drinking games. The concept is simple — I’m looking forward to seeing snazzy bars and prestigious theatres filled with people in their slippers and pajamas, (the non-compulsory dress code) laughing their behinds off.” Workshops that are part of the festival include improve acting and comedy in film.

The event marks the first time that major comedy collectives — Weirdass Comedy, Improv Comedy Mumbai, All India Bak***d (AIB), The Polished Bottoms and Schitzengiggles to name a few —  are coming together. International comics like Malaysia-based Harith Iskander and Douglas Lim as well as Australian David Quirk are slated to participate. “There are shows on everything under the sun — men and women, sports, news, the Delhi-Mumbai ‘war’. The AIB Sex Show and the famous play, Vagina Monologues, will also be staged. The five special Pajama shows, which will be performed at NCPA, are must-watches. We’ve put a lot of work into curating them. These shows areeverything that I’d want to see in a comedy line-up,” adds Das.

But with the festival timing being during the beginning of the year and with so much partying already happening in the circuit – what with festivals like Sunburn, Supersonic and NYE parties – has the cash been rolling in with the sale of tickets? Ask Vir Das and he’s quick to reply, “It is year one and a small start for us, but I hope ours will go on to be the first major event of the year every year.”

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