Games people play: 5 awesome gaming inspired experiential campaigns


The basic premise of experiential marketing is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. Much like other types of marketing strategies, experiential has also developed and become more dynamic overtime. Countless reputed companies and agencies are working tirelessly to come up with new and creative ideas for brand activations. One of the most successful ideas among them is using fun filled gaming activities to engage more customers and attract their interest. This time at EE, we share with you some of the Innovative gaming concepts used by brands to engage customers in activations.

Smart E-Ball

There are a lot of myths regarding the use of electric cars in the world. While most tech savvy people believe their acceleration is slow, many others feels their engine lack the power to sustain on long vacations. To prove all of these and many conceptions wrong, promoters of the Smart Electric Drive set up an activation on the streets of Germany to showcase the car's surprisingly powerful acceleration and other sharp features. They created a live digital version of the classic game of Pong and mapped two Smart cars to drive back and forth to act as the paddles. This activation led to instant crowd engagement that also gave customers an opportunity to test drive the car and get a real feel of it.

Colgate Maxfresh

Encompass Events, was given the task to create awareness for the Maxfresh variant among college students. They achieved this task via a unique Event called “Foonkball”, which translated from Hindi, means “blow football”. Foonkball was a board game which looked like a miniature soccer pitch, with a small lightweight soccer ball, the size of a golf ball and two goals. Players were first given breath strips made from Maxfresh ingredients to chew. This game was played across 10 malls and 92 colleges nationally and managed to create a stir in the hearts of all youngsters.


As part of its sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics, Samsung created brand experiences at various destinations around London, This activation of Samsung Studios focused on demonstrating the new Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. Visitors could play with Samsung’s Olympic Games app or have their photo taken on the Galaxy S3 and instantly turned into a personalized badge. There was also a competition to win an S3 and an around-the-world trip if people could be bothered to return every day to collect special pin badges.


The world of basketball is intriguing enough to gain people’s attention itself and if you add the presence of a NBA basketball player, the magic just doubles up. This activation by Adidas involved Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose to challenge fans to win a pair of free trainers by taking them off a shelf that happened to be 10 foot in the air. The kids who took part in the challenge have a moment to remember for their lives. This video gives a brilliant summary:


To promote the festive Tupperware range, the DDB MudraMax- Experiential team designed engagement games which aimed at establishing Tupperware as a preferred gifting option.

One of them involved, decorate Tupperware gift basket: In this game, people had to decorate a gift basket with Tupperware products. Simple and smart, this game helped in reinforcing the idea of Tupperware gifts for every season and reason. In the second game, the participants were briefed about the festive collection products and they had to find out the same products from a Tupperware product basket by wearing a blindfold. As a result of the game, participants were able to remember the product's name and look.

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