From Experiential Tourism to Sustainable Tourism: Heena Akhtar, Co-Founder, tripXOXO

If all travel and tourism stakeholders are mindful of the benefits of responsible tourism, the attractiveness of the world’s finest tourist spots and destinations will be improved for our next generations writes Akhtar.


It is always the best feeling to pack your travel bag before you start with your vacation. But the question arises how many of us thought of how our trip is going to affect the surrounding of the destination and the local communities living in that vicinity. The jungle safari, trekking in mountains, full moon parties and concerts on beaches are very popular activities and travellers are indulging themselves into all these unique activities. However, are we, travellers responsible enough when we are travelling to all these destinations and take care of the surroundings by not dropping the waste material or dirtying the surroundings.  

Responsible tourism is an emerging trend which assists to lessen the social, monetary and ecological impacts and produces greater economic benefits for local communities. As travellers become more observant and preferable about where they are spending money in terms of travel preferences. A large number of travellers are looking for travel choices that do not have any impact on the environment and make an optimistic contribution for the local communities and safeguard our environment.

The emphasis is on the concept of responsible or ‘sustainable tourism’ and its significance. This is quite relevant in India, as a large number of our tourist destinations have seen a rise in terms of tourist footfalls and the local communities or individuals are observing huge benefits that this brings. The idea of responsible tourism, involves the travellers contributing to the growth of the local communities, simultaneously, not to create a negative implication on the atmosphere and ecosystem of the place.

If all travel and tourism stakeholders such as the residents, hotels, travel and tour operators, tourism boards are mindful of the benefits of responsible tourism, the attractiveness of the world’s finest tourist spots and destinations will be improved for our next generations.

The tourism sector is a trillion-dollar business and contributes 10% of worldwide GDP. This is the huge business and one that can have both optimistic and adverse effects on individuals and the atmosphere. The effects of tourism can influence dependent on the execution of responsible tourism. Travelers spend a huge amount on a hotel booking and other activities, but this is the time when they should start being more careful and practice responsible travelling. Responsible tourism also focuses on environmental impact as well. The travelers should contribute to preservation not destruction by harming animals and the trip of travellers should leave little or no impact on the environment.

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