From CCTV surveillance to thermal checks, here's how event safety will shape up post COVID-19

Experts believe that safety measures will become even more stringent post COVID-19 to ensure that events provide a seamless and protected experience.


Nowadays ensuring safety of human life has become more critical than ever. Once the lockdown is over and the event community is back on its toes, hopefully soon,  the existing event safety guidelines would require major transformation.

According to event experts, safety measures will become even more stringent post COVID-19 to ensure that events provide a seamless and protected experience.

Some of the safety measures that venues and event organisers could take into account may include measures like masking, temperature checks, frequent sanitising, absolute food hygiene, and ensuring minimal contact.

In order to fathom what the event safety measures would look like in the post COVID environment, we reached out to some event experts and here is what they had to say:

Deepak Monga, Business Head - Fire & Safety, Spartan Fire Evacuation Solutions

The events industry will change drastically when it comes to event safety, be it indoor events or outdoor events. People will become more cautious about the gatherings and their immediate surroundings. They will consider going to an event keeping in mind the safety measures taken by the organisers. Temperature checks by thermal cameras at the entry points and hygiene checks will be mandatory for any event. For concerts or stage events, the distance between the artist and the crowd will be increased to ensure the safety of the artist.

For personal events like weddings, the catering staff will be under CCTV surveillance to ensure 100 per cent food hygiene and safety. The casual boys need to get registered with the caterer as employees. It will be necessary for them to wear a mask and have a name plate plus number tag to facilitate recognition.

Khushroo Kekobad, Author- The Health & Safety Event Handbook, Director Live On Stage Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

After the initial coronavirus threat has passed, new habits like regularly washing hands, social distancing, regularly sanitizing , maintaining personal hygiene and eating right will be the in thing. Establishments will be spending more on providing proper safety and hygiene at the workplace. 

Wearing respiratory masks and carrying sanitizers will have to be compulsory.

Sanitizing & disinfecting your homes, offices, workplace and public areas will be a must.

Moreover, we must also note that most people have already changed their behaviour quite significantly over the course of the pandemic. These documented shifts over the last six weeks have helped us more fully understand how consumers have changed their behaviours, and whether they will or won’t break with them once the stay at home is lifted, will have to be seen.

Sushma Gaikwad, Director Ice Global & Wizcraft MIME

Health and safety measures post the pandemic are expected to include stringent compliances and norms on socialising.

The current bouquet of health and safety measures would be expanded to include social health and safety measures such as F&B hygiene, check in processes, indemnities as well as personal hygiene. We may even see restrictions imposed on guest / invitee numbers allowed to congregate under one roof.

Vinay Oberoi, AVP Sales, NESCO

Since human life is of utmost importance, We will be following a very strict protocol at NESCO, to ensure that our listing a few points below:

- No Multiple Entry and Exit Points, since campus is really huge with multiple exits and entries, we have limited the entry and exit points to only 02 gates to Have a better control on movement of vehicles and people.

- Temperature Scanning, Social distancing norms, sanitisation etc. will be strictly continued as per government orders.

- Lift access will be permitted to only 03 persons per trip to maintain proper social distancing.

- Staff has been advised to report early as there may be delays considering these small delays of scanning, distancing etc. Patience and endurance will be the new norm of post covid life.

- Spitting, smoking, chewing tobacco etc are now punishable offence vide MHA order. Staff will be strictly warned on these and not permitted on premises.

- All vehicles, goods and surrounding areas will be sprayed heavily for disinfection. Trucks etc with goods may be asked to quarantine for 12 hours, if found necessary.

- Persons without proper masking will not be permitted within the complex.

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