Ford Endeavour powers the India Kayak Road Trip


Powered by Ford Endeavour and The Outdoor Journal, The India Kayak Road Trip is an online video series where five kayakers from the UK and one from India explore and paddle on the country’s lesser known whitewater rivers.

Following the monsoon rains since September, they have taken up the creek waters of Kerala, paddled on the Sankh and faced some terrifying rapids on the Umtrew. The team is using a Ford Endeavour, fully loaded with six kayaks and all their gear, to cross India’s southern and eastern states.

All of their exploits and more which can be viewed on The Outdoor Journal’s YouTube and Vimeo channels have been picked up by international platforms like Kayak Session, Outside Television. Kayak brands such as Zet Kayaks UK and Immersion Research are also talking about the videos on their social networking sites.

Apoorva Prasad, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Outdoor Journal said, “This expedition is the first of its kind, though kayakers have been coming to India to paddle the country’s rivers for decades. The focus has always been on the better-known Himalayan rivers and this expedition aims to show the potential that many other mountainous regions of India have to offer, which often get overlooked.”                                                                                         

The expedition started in Kerala at the Malabar River Festival. The team has since been clocking up the miles in the eastern states of India. They have kayaked new rivers in Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand and then to Meghalaya, Arunachal and beyond.

"As a paddler being able to kayak is a big privilege. As I was learning to paddle a first descent was considered the holy grail of kayaking. However the fact these are first descents isn't what I will remember for years to come, but the sheer quality of whitewater we got to paddle this year," Joe Rea Dickins, one of the kayakers on the expedition told The Outdoor Journal.

Watch the series here

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