Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge 2015 set to take place in Goa from 24th to 31st July


With the promise to be Bigger, Badder and Tougher Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge India is back.

Conceptualized and inaugurated by Luis J.A. Wee in1997, the Rainforest Challenge was initially launched in Malaysia to challenge off-roaders to test their driving, leadership and survival skills under extreme off-road conditions. Since then, it has been recognized as a benchmark in extreme motorsports internationally; RFC is counted amongst the top ten toughest motorsport events around the world, with Italy, Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tunisia, China, and Australia amongst the countries that annually hold this prestigious competition.

India joined the ranks amongst the extreme off-roading elite in 2014 with the inaugural Force Gurkha RFC India in Goa. The stage will be set once again in Goa for this adrenalin pumping, breath-taking event with the 2015 edition scheduled for 24th – 31st July. The Rainforest OFF ROAD Expo will also be held on the sidelines of the motorsport extravaganza from 24th to 26th July.

Glory, winning and recognition– these are the stakes the teams in the challenge will compete for, but once the challenge starts the only thing that matters is survival. Skills, physical endurance and mental strength will be frequently put to test as challenges of the race will prop up unannounced; the beautiful scenery of Goa will only serve to belie the remorseless demands of the track and competitors will be thrust into an unrelenting environment designed to test their mettle; their minds and bodies will be pushed to the breaking point and far beyond.


The competition will have 40 slots available, with the entry fee for Competitors at INR 75,000 per team; each team will comprise of a driver and a navigator. Touring Adventurer slots are also available at INR 15,000 for those interested solely in experiencing the RFC spirit without competing. For all the off-roading enthusiasts looking to take part in this exciting event either as a competitor or a touring adventurer, the participation forms, event schedule, rules and regulations and all other details of the event are available at

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