Five tech innovations that have disrupted the events industry

Tech enabled solutions have created more efficient planning processes and more dynamic event experiences than ever before.


Technology has become a great enabler for almost all sectors imaginable. If we look at the events industry, tech enabled solutions have created more efficient planning processes and more dynamic event experiences than ever before. In all, the digital tools have made it much easier for event planners to execute and operate on a scale that was hard to imagine few years back.

Here are some tech enabled solutions that have redefined the events experience and execution style:

Real-time Event Management

Social media is integrated into our daily lives; there’s no doubt about that. And with that, everyone has an open platform, or platforms, to communicate their experiences. Because of this, event professionals are more concerned about attendee satisfaction than ever before. Attendee satisfaction is directly related to how valuable, well-planned and managed an event is.

Using event management software that is cloud-based and mobile-friendly ensures that changes can be made on the fly and viewed by those essential to the planning and implementation. This allows event planners to seamlessly plan their event and make sure nothing falls through the cracks or gets miscommunicated.

Live Streaming

Perhaps the most revolutionary technology for the events industry is live streaming apps and companies that allow people to instantly share live video during events on their social media pages. Event planners can now expand their reach and generate a larger audience for an event. This also helps to increase social media engagements by allowing outside “attendees” into the venue where they can watch it live and interact with other people viewing the live stream. This opens up new revenue streams and allows the event to generate higher quality content that is engaging for attendees and viewers. Companies like Facebook, Periscope and Google allow users to broadcast their experiences live.


When you put a crowd of like-minded people in one room, there is more knowledge and insight than a single expert possesses. 

Crowdsourcing platforms and technologies have made it easier to generate and collect quality content from your attendees through event apps, social media and more. There are event apps that host forums for discussion and different surveys, as well as technology that allows event organizers to crowdsource content in real-time, enabling speakers to manage their presentation based on what the audience wants next.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality has opened the flood gates of real time experiences from viewers to consumers who otherwise couldn't afford to attend, and enhance the effectiveness of the event and in some way has been able to give better content and event experience. It has encouraged a more realistic form of sharing data and educating your audience about the content is become much more efficient. 

Events have now transformed from boring sessions to live experiences which has brought a newer standard in the events industry along with the digitalisation. 

Online Ticketing

Online ticketing has made it much easier for organisers to receive payment, book slots, compile data sheets of guests and make the registration process much faster and effortless. It has also made it easier for the event organisers to meet their budget requirements by selling out seats early and receiving payment long before the event. It has also taken an initiative towards saving the environment by reducing paper waste and digitally maintaining a record bank of every detail and requirement that is needed. It has also made scheduling and data sharing much more easy for the organisers as well as consumers. 

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