Fever 104 FM and John Abraham join hands to be the 'Voice of Change'


Fever 104 FM and John Abraham have associated to launch a full-fledged campaign that is aimed towards addressing the major issues that concern the country.

Christened 'Fever Voice of Change' the campaign will urge listeners to not just wish to see a change they want in the society, but also be a part of this change. Aimed towards becoming the voice of the listeners, the campaign will solicit responses from citizen in each city, on what they feel are the burning topics that are plaguing the society today. The key messaging will revolve around 'Ab Bakwaas Band. BadlaavShuru'.

Once the key issues are identified, Fever Voice of Change and John Abraham will reach out to the concerned authorities and ensure a definite closure to these problems. Each campaign under the umbrella of Fever Voice of Change will engage radio listeners, concerned local authorities, eminent citizens and celebrities to ensure the society becomes a better place.

Commenting on the initiative, Harshad Jain, Business Head – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media says, "We strongly believe in the power of radio as a medium and its ability to bring positive changes in the society. Fever 104 FM reaches over 16 million listeners across the 4 Indian metros and with this campaign we are aiming to provide people with a platform that will help them express their concerns. We are extremely honored to have partnered with John Abraham; who today is an ultimate youth icon and is looked up by millions of people in the country. With his clean image &philanthropist nature, the campaign could not have found a more responsible partner".

Commenting on the association, John Abraham adds, "I have always believed in giving back to the society in whatever best way I can and I am extremely proud to be a part of this drive. I have a long relationship with Fever 104 FM and am happy to be contributing in the best possible manner. I am sure that this campaign will become a movement in no time".

The initiative kick starts on 28th Feb and will be inviting participations from Fever 104 FM listeners across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore& Kolkata.

Fever 104 FM in the past has done similar campaigns that have changed lives. From driving initiatives related to women safety, helping HIV positive person finding a house on rent & a life partner, raising funds for a child's surgery to helping a Tihar jail inmate from languishing in the jail due to the inability to pay a nominal fine; with Fever Voice of Change the radio channel has taken a big step towards making a difference in the society.

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