ExtraMile – Building engaged workplaces by Pooja Bajaj Chadha

We’re a fun-inducing employee engagement firm, with our head office based in Mumbai. Each one of us, as we go to work every morning, we think – ‘How can we spread happiness across workplaces today?', shares Pooja Bajaj Chadha.


Our story

Back in 2011, Pooja Bajaj Chadha left a rewarding corporate job to start her dream and bridge an industry gap. With skill-building and passion-pursuing workshops, she realized how employees are constantly looking for an escape. She then entered the corporate world on a quest of the solution to a happy, engaged workplace.

Close alignment with HR teams and a strong belief in engagement transforming productivity, her firm’s energy is contagious – more than 18,000 happy faces from 75+ leading corporates today. We pride ourselves in what our partners like to call us, the “Mary Poppins” of employee engagement. Something new is always brimming in our offices… ‘out of the box’ is just the beginning, we tend to go above and beyond! To serve the evolving HR world, we offer a wide range of unique ideas & concepts, with specialized experts in-house. We’re essentially your one-stop-shop for all things employee engagement – and overflowing happiness.

One-stop-shop for the HR

If the objective is to improve your teams – experiential team building at an URI themed offsite or office monsoon Colympics are your ideal choice. Digital is synonymous with almost everything today, so why not engagement? Redefine board games like Monopoly and help employees learn through play with e-FIFA or UNO. If your emails instantly get archived, we’ve got a solution – change the format to comic strips, scenario-based policies or Bollywood themed appraisals! With a monthly engagement calendar, comedians to fill the floor with chuckles as well as a massive trainers’ database, everything you need is under one big roof.

Our efforts at ExtraMile all work towards going the extra mile with engagement. Right from studying the minds of employees to executing tailor-made strategies – they’re left inspired and smiling, with each activity.

Digitally powerful engagement

HR needs are evolving from on-ground engagement activities to digital initiatives in a way to encourage employee interaction across offices. How often do your co-workers swipe through their phones, are glued to their screens as they binge-watch a series or are lost in their world of music on earphones? We are not going digital, we are digital. Everything – and everyone – today is digital.

The upside of taking team-building to the digital era is that the experience brings employees placed all around the country or world, fostering their spirit of working in a team – for example, the Diwali themed Card-a-thon (format of the popular game UNO) where teams of 2,3 and 4 compete to win the game. Another good example of a digital platform where teams come together is the clever introduction of a radio channel which brings in the enthusiasm and energy into the work environment.

The integration of HR practices with technology influences the minds of most working professionals, as they’re more susceptible to digital initiatives at work. A quick game of Pacman or Bingo, flipping pages of a magazine-designed newsletter or speeding through the corridors during a Selfie Contest – and other digitally stimulating activities are sure to catch some eyeballs in the office! Our digital wing aims to relook at learning and team-building in the workplace.

Tailor-made employee solutions

Breaking down our stages with a client – an HR professional approaches us with a requirement, to which our response is, “What are your employees like? And what goal would you like to achieve with this experience? We’re all ears!” And, we really are. Understanding this need is essential to the communication they will put out, the motivation they will provide and the engagement & experience we will curate. At ExtraMile, we don’t go by a rule book. It’s not enough to transform a satisfied employee into and engaged one – something new is required and an offbeat and unique experience is what can do the trick.

Our philosophy stems from the age-old phrase of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and resonates well with the employees of today. Customizing engagement is tricky (but so worth it!) – personalization, themed to a trending movie or series, IPL, Bollywood and much more.

New experiences & initiatives

Employee engagement plays a vital role in fostering a healthy and productive work environment. We strive to come up with newer solutions each day to give you the best of it.

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