Experiential marketing allows brands to be more dynamic in the marketplace: Sushil Matey, Director, Marketing, Livpure

On a day to day basis, more than 50% consumers tend to spend 1 to 10 minutes on an average on experiential marketing than surfing social media platforms writes Sushil Matey of Livepure.


Experiential marketing is a method used to engage with consumers by encouraging them to actively participate. It is a modern marketing strategy that allows the consumers to have an innovative and immersive experience of a brand. It allows the brand to be dynamic in the market through their interaction with the consumers. A strong connection between the brand and the consumer leads to an increase in sales and loyalty for the future. The purpose of this experience is not to encourage only selling the product but it focuses on showcasing the consumer’s identity, their values, aesthetics and put across the brand’s message correctly.

Through experiential marketing techniques, a company can boost its business visibility in the market like activations, installations, events or live demonstrations.  For a company to be successful, their brands need to give attractive offers and samples to its consumers. By adding experiential elements, a brand can showcase their work or initiatives taken by far. Today, social media platforms have become an important factor in the marketing world. It has made easier for the companies to approach its target audience in a better way. With the help of such tools and techniques, it has helped in propagating the products and services of the brand intellectually.

Plethora of products promoted everyday at a certain price by various brands; seek the attention of the target group. But only the consumers who feel the services are satisfying become the true brand promoters and spread the awareness to their social circle. On a day to day basis, more than 50% consumers tend to spend 1 to 10 minutes on an average on experiential marketing than surfing social media platforms. Great events or campaigns lead to consumers’ being a part of the brand story and creates a long – lasting impression.

The advent of the internet has taken the marketing method to another level. This has not only helped in reaching out to people living in different parts of the world but has helped in creating connections in a small span of time. Moreover, through online portals, the consumers can now be a part of the journey of a particular brand. In the coming years, it is believed that technology is going to be the biggest factor in boosting experiential marketing more and making it effective for the consumers. The future technologies are developing to integrate even further into jobs of bringing new products to the customers.  

Nowadays, an individual lives onto to the experiences they have. Therefore, it is essential for the companies to come up with ideas that are out of the box and reinvent the products and services to build the brand recall in the market. A lot of factors depend upon the advertisement of a brand. Sometimes, a brand becomes the favorite amongst consumers because they connect them emotionally and mentally too. To cater their mindset, it is necessary to do R&D either through a questionnaire or analysis to understand their choices, demands /wants and motive to buy the certain product. A very popular method which is conducted now in every city is live demonstrations. A method which requires a lot of detailing and ideation has become a huge success for various brands. By live demonstration, a consumer is able to judge the services provided by the brand and can also have the first-hand experience. It not only differentiates a brand from its competitors by its features but new connections are built with new consumers physically. It takes years of hard work and studies to discover the right set of experiences for the consumers. 

 In the end, I think it’s about creating meaningful experiences for the consumers. A great idea can be suggested by any person but what matters is how to execute and engage the ideation to the right set of customers is what experiential marketing teaches you

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