Experience Is The Currency And Brands Are Differentiated By User Experience: Amit Tiwari, VP, Marketing, Havells India

Amit Tiwari, Vice President - Marketing, Havells India Ltd, talked about the rising experience in the event industry.


At the 2nd edition of BW Applause Experiential Marketing Summit and Awards, Amit Tiwari, Vice President Marketing, Havells India delivered the inaugural keynote address with a very insightful point that one should stop using the terms  B2B and B2C and instead use P2P, people to people, because business happens within people. He further talked about the importance of 'customer' for business to grow.

"Today, the key aspect of an organization is to be 'customer centric'. The top priority should be customers," said Tiwari.

He added, "Every small difference that you actually create makes a huge difference in interaction that happens. If one customer is satisfied, he/she will give a good word of mouth to 10 others".

He also stressed on the need of user experience to be made easy, enjoyable and to meet their needs, even if it is basic.

Tiwari also cited examples of organizations like Uber, Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb, that are people centric and have created a good brand name through that. He said, "Experience is the currency and brands are differentiated by user experience".

He also spoke about the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and pointed out, "CMO is best equipped to handle the needs of the customer and deliver a differentiated experience".

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