Every single registration for Sunfeast India Run As One will create Social Impact and help Livelihoods: Vivek Singh, Procam International

Sunfeast India Run As One is an initiative that will galvanize the country and Indians across the globe towards participating in creating social impact through a unique platform.


The country is in the midst of a battle which is far from over. With the extreme impact of the COVID19 pandemic, the biggest cause that requires addressing is – supporting livelihood generation & sustenance.

Sunfeast India Run As One is an annual 30-day initiative that will galvanize the country and Indians across the globe towards participating in creating social impact through a unique platform. 

With no geographic or physical barriers, people from any part of the world will not just show solidarity by participating in the movement, but will also impact the livelihood of a person in need.

We spoke to Vivek Singh, Joint MD, Procam International to know about the initiative and how it is fast turning into India's largest movement in support of Livelihoods. 


What was the thought behind this virtual event?

The ongoing pandemic has hit all of us hard in many ways. Apart from the immediate impact on health, the consequential clamping of economic activities has put over 140 million informal and formal workers livelihoods at stake. We want them to know that they are not alone.

As citizens and patriots, we hear their plight and have come forward, to lend a hand. Humanity’ power is showcased when people come together for a common purpose – going beyond their own needs. This was the pure and simple thought behind the inception of India’s largest movement in support of Livelihoods – Sunfeast India Run as One, #livelihoodsmatter.

A simple act of REGISTERING is a ‘step forward’ in support of the less fortunate. 

With every registration, you are directly contributing and impacting a person’s life. The proceeds are shared via GiveIndia directly to NGOs working at the last mile in the rehabilitation of the economically impacted families.

For as little as Rs 99, Rs 499 and Rs 999 you are not only impacting a person's livelihood, but you are a Change Maker, Change Leader and Change Champion for us. For this support , we have also ensured gratification for all participants. They will be rewarded with e-certificates signed by actor Tiger Shroff and marathon legend Eliud Kipchoge, ambassadors of the event; customised medals and a commemorative bib.  

Furthermore, you can undertake an activity of your choice - indoors or outdoors. No distance or time is too small. One can do this alone or tag a partner, family, friends or co-workers to be a part of this movement. 

The fact that we are doing it over a month is important. This regular activity will help in habit formation and that will lead to a more active and fitter way of life. This dual act of goodness and wellness, will make a difference in someone’s life, as well as your own.  

What would you call the three big highlights of this event?

Our three pillars form the core of this initiative - Community, Social Impact & Wellness. These are at the heart of this initiative which brings together the 28 states, 8 union territories and Indophiles from across the world with an intent to make a difference. We are seeing people coming together in spirit, for a common cause as a community.

The collective impact of the amount we raise via this event is sizable and that is really the point. Everything goes towards the one area of intervention where we really want to cause change. Bringing families back on their feet. Livelihoods has many facets and all are important. Some families are looking for a month or two of financial runway; others require upskilling and others microfinance. To achieve this end, GiveIndia has brought together 82 different NGO’s working on livelihoods across India.

What has been the response so far?

The response we have received is incredible. Our title sponsors Sunfeast, social impact partner Give India, the support we have received from FIT India Movement and the ownership showcased by brands such as FAST&UP, Puma, PhonePe, Republic, Fever and Radio One, have all helped in amplifying this movement and ensuring it reaches the masses. 

The sheer volume and variety of participation from across the country is very encouraging. Close to 7.5 lac kms have been pledged so far and INR 36 lacs raised within a weeks’ time. We have some of the countries most noted celebrities, sports people, para-athletes, marathoners and corporates, already moving with Sunfeast India Run As One. They are further encouraging communities to come out in large numbers and be part of this citizen movement. 

What is your message to all the participants?

I would like to thank all the participants who have chosen to share our belief in humanity and a better world which we can build together. It won’t happen with one person, it will take collective faith. This is what we need, to rebuild our nation and our participants acknowledge this and have rolled up their sleeves to do their bit. I salute them and look forward to reaching the finishing line with them by our side.

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