Events and gathering may not be the best plan to promote FMCG products: Luve Oberoi

Businesses which are able to sail through this tough time are the ones who have made technology as their ally writes Luve Oberoi, Marketing Manager, Asahi Kasei India Pvt Ltd.


The ongoing Covid-19 crisis is being considered the biggest halt bringer to the humanity as well as the economy. The crisis has brought unforeseen, unanticipated patterns to the economy. With the norms of social distancing and remote working being enforced, it took time for many of us to get used to it. The businesses experienced challenges beyond their expectations.

FMCG products and market witnessed severe jolt as the nation underwent lockdown. Post lockdown the customer sentiments are expected to be low and events and gatherings are going to be avoided for long. This calls for devising an alternate strategy for businesses, especially FMCG. As the only businesses which are able to sail through this tough time are the ones who have made technology as their ally. FMCG industry also needs to embrace technology and the digital world in order to cope-up better with the pandemic. The industry may turn to the following strategies

1. Online Distribution of the Products: Since customers are not going to be as active as the pre-Covid-19 era when it comes to purchasing products, the brand must change its course of reaching out to their customers. They must tie up with different distributors to distribute the products to the consumers. This can be done in two ways:

· Create a brand app for your customers: This will help them choose the products from the app and directly place the order without any hassle of visiting the store.

· Link yourself with Social Media: We are in the digital world and social media is its very key element. Link your app and website page to your social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Build online Communities: Pandemic has given people the luxury of connecting again, for the absence of meeting in person. The online platforms are being used by people to re-connect with their dear ones. To form online communities where people with similar likes and interests could come together. Allow these online communities to perform various activities such as Virtual cookoff, uploading recipes, running contest, giveaways, etc. This will help your brand engage with wider audience and potential customers.

3. Activate your Social Media: Social media is one crucial platform to connect with your customers and fuel life into your business. Ever since we hit the lockdown, the social media consumption has multiplied than ever before. FMCG brands can also leverage the power of social media with its features such as Facebook Live, contests on Facebook and Instagram, use the feature of polling, IGTV videos etc. These are very engaging ways and have been used for quite some time by brands to uplift their engagement and enhance their sales.

4. Switch to Virtual Events: One of the most important ways for FMCG brands to promote their brands used to be- conducting promotional events. However, Covid-19 has brought multiple activities at halt including events with large gatherings. Brands can tie-up and perform interactive activities with their audience. This will not only allow the promotion of their brand but better connectivity with their customers. This can be done by simply making the event page and inviting people to register and participate.

5. Focus on Public Relation Activities: Lastly, use the potential of media. It shall always be your most powerful tool to make your voice reach to the wider audience. While you make efforts to engage with your audience through several modes, it is a crucial time for you to stand out via your voice in media. Make sure that all your other efforts are being shared and well-received by the media. You can do so with the help of time to time articles, feature stories, interviews and press releases.

Covid-19 is undoubtedly one of the most testing times in the history of humanity and it will only help the survival of the fittest. Those who lag behind and stick to their traditional business approaches at this point might not be able to survive well in this situation. This is another crucial time of disruption and only those who flow with it in its pace will be able to come out of it in flying colors.

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