Event app Shaadilogy puts a futuristic spin on wedding management

Shaadilogy, a free wedding management app, offers an array of options for planning the wedding you want while still having a life.


In an age of personalized wedding websites, hashtags, and social media etiquette, more and more brides are turning to online resources to help sort through wedding planning mayhem. Whether you want to create your exclusive “Wedding” on the App, invite guests, share ceremony details and venues, allow guests to directly share their travel info, let friends and family capture, upload, share and comment on priceless photos and videos from the wedding, send reminders and push notifications to guests, wedding management apps such as Shaadilogy aim to take away all the stress and legwork from the process. Here is a list of all the free services provided on the app:


Manage all your wedding ceremonies with an event calendar: Before smartphones were ubiquitous, planning for your big day meant using paper calendars and handwritten to-do lists. But now, getting ready for your wedding is easier than ever thanks to technology. Shaadilogy Event App helps you to keep a track of all your events description venue details with the help of a Google map. It also helps your guests never to miss a thing by syncing with the calendar.

Capture special moments and share real time videos of the wedding: It's the biggest day of your life — so of course you want to capture every moment of it. Shaadilogy has the best photo- and video-sharing app to document your special day. You get to take unlimited photos of the wedding and reception, so you can see all the pics and videos in one place.

Manage your guests’ logistics requirements: The event app is your ultimate tool to having a stress-free wedding. Once your guests enter their pick-up and drop requirements on the app, the logistics partner can manage their requests and ensure that your family and friends coming in from all over the globe can be picked up on time for your big do.

Let your guests send song requests to the DJ: Running a weddings music is a huge responsibility: the order of songs has to be perfect, the fades should be smooth, and an accidental skip or pause can be disastrous. Your guests can now simply plan out what music they need for the day, and hand it off for foolproof operation.

Stay in the loop through push notifications and messages: Push notification settings can be a dream when you're running around town with a smartphone and to take some of the stress out of your big day. The Shaadilogy Event App allows you to manage a large group of family and friends by helping you to communicate with them with the help of text messages and push notifications. All the messages you send to them are conveniently saved in the inbox for the guests to read them at their leisure.

Guests can manage their profiles: Your esteemed guests can also create their own profiles within the app— so if your wedding will include a lot of guests who won't know each other beforehand, Shaadilogy Event App is a useful way for them to find each other's social media profiles if they want to stay in touch. Personal messages can be sent to the guests and yes, they can change the profile pic too.

Paid Services:

Colour schemes: Colour schemes: Color unifies a wedding, creating a theme that connects wedding party fashions, invitations, decorations and flowers. It can be daunting to figure out a color scheme and accent tones, even if you have a favorite color. And with Shaadilogy Event App that's never been easier. The app allows you to personalize your preferred hues, to set the mood of the entire event. Once you settle on a scheme, other elements like florals and centerpieces naturally fall into place.

Personalised photos of the guests: This feature allows your guests to create their personal profile picture once you log on to the app. One can also log on through their Facebook account and get synced with the app.

Wishes showered by the guests: Let your guests send you off into marriage with sweet notes, advice, and well wishes! This component of the app allows your guests to shower blessings on the couple, which can be penned down here, for the busy couple to have a look at them later.

RSVP: This tool makes dispersing information and collecting RSVPs much easier. How much will you love Guest List Manager? Let the app count the ways—and the attendees. When you receive RSVPs on the Shaadilogy Event App, they will also appear on your app!

Tag your family: Now you can tag all your near and dear ones in the pictures with just a click! The app allows you to mark and identify all your loved ones who were a part of your big celebration.

Song votes: Feel free to choose which music should be played by using the app. The more people vote for a track, the higher it moves up your queue. Using this system, it will only play the music that your guests like. So, get the party started!

QR codes on the invitation cards: QR Code technology is a great way to help you provide your guests with important information about your special day and have them RSVP quickly to your invitation. All they have to do is scan the code and log on to the app. Problem solved!

Requests for Laundry Services: Under this feature, you can have a little bit of that laundry room luxury (and your freshly cleaned clothes, of course) delivered right to your doorstep. Simply put in a request on the app and an agent will arrive to pick up your clothes. Your laundry will be delivered on the date and time you requested.

Salon Services: This tool is the procrastinator's beauty fairy godmother! The app ensures that your hair and makeup for your bridal party is taken care of. It makes it super-easy to book hair, makeup, and nail services on the fly. You can book right through the app, and an army of pros will come to your house — or hotel — to make you wedding-ready. Voila!

Pagri Tying Services: Confused about how to tie a pagri or a headwrap? Stay calm as Shaadilogy also lends its personnel to help you wear a pagri on this important occasion. The trend of tying a pagri or a saafa is catching up and adds a fun element to the baraat.

Pop up Quiz: Weddings are fun and wonderful in their own right, however, keeping the guests entertained is also important. Shaadilogy also organizes pop-up quiz for both the bride and the groom side. These are the perfect icebreakers for the guests to get to know each other!

Location Information: Destination weddings are like a mini-vacation, usually lasting a couple of days which gives everyone a chance to meet each other, hang out, enjoy some activities and interact with each other. Our app provides all the information of the destination to your guests, including must-visit places, enjoying the local cuisine in the best of hotels/restaurants, things to buy and others.

Upload videos for pre-wedding Sangeet practices: The Sangeet dance practice sessions are the most fun part of the wedding preparations and mark the beginning of the wedding celebrations. The Shaadilogy Event App provides you with a feature where you can upload all your pre-wedding sangeet practice get-togethers to treasure the hilarious in-progress sessions!

A separate server dedicated to your wedding: You can also have a separate server dedicated to your wedding through our app. A personalized server can be customized which can be exclusive to your family and friends.

Bride and Groom Common App: The App can be used both by the bride’s and the groom’s family where they can have access to a host of features and celebrations.

As contemporary weddings become more elaborate, people are finding it rather tricky to keep up with the tempo mainly due to the intricacies involved. In this scenarios the Shaadilogy Event App can carry out these tasks in the pursuit of that fairytale wedding.

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