Event Management Federation rises up to the challenge; targets Gujarat and beyond


On the eve of Gujarat day last year, which is celebrated every first of May, 12 members joined hands to form Event Management Federation (EMF). The one and only apex body in Gujarat that will represent its more than 500 small, medium and big event management companies. It will bring the industry under one umbrella with the goal of consolidating the scattered sector for better coordination, interaction and opportunities. The EMF intends to focus on the Gujarat front initially but is open to membership nationally and internationally. The body is spearheaded by its president and the founder of True Events, Dr. Jaydeep Mehta.

The 12 founding members of EMF are: Dr. Jaydeep Mehta of True Events, Keyur Patel of Prasang, Rajesh Ravani of Zion Unlimited, Bharat Kundaliya of AUM Event and Promotions India Pvt.Ltd., Manish Shah of Meetmegh Event, Rajat Sogani of Planman Marcom, Devang Shah of XPERTZ ADVERTISING EVENTS & PROMOTIONS, Dipesh Sheth of Markcom Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Khantil Mehta of Gobananas, Ketan Raval of 69 Events, Keyur Desai of Page 3 Events and Shailendra Mathur of Promofleet Roadshows & Publicity Vans.

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Speaking on the vision of EMF, its president, Dr. Mehta said:

EMF will increase the interaction among the fraternity, thus encourage healthy competition and inculcate a feeling of brotherhood. It will share knowledge among its members by means of focused interactions, seminars, training, study tours etc., thus enhancing the standard of the industry. It will aso encourage best practices among its members thus increasing the professional integrity and high standards of service. EMF will be used as a platform to engage in activities of CSR. we understand that we earn from the society hence, we plan to initiate activities/ campaigns to give it back to the society.

On short and long term goals of EMF, he further added:

As the association is in its first year, we want to create a noise that ‘yes’, we are the only association of its kind and want more like-minded people to join the association. In the long term, we want to give members an experience of international event standards and encourage a standard code of practice.

Dr. Mehta believes EMF will increase interaction opportunities among the fraternity. Talking about how the body will make a difference, he said:

EMF hopes to increase interaction opportunities among the fraternity, thus encouraging a healthy competition and the feeling of brotherhood. It also aspires to disseminate knowledge among the members through focused interactions, seminars, training, study tours, etc., in order to raise the standards for the industry. We believe in the philosophy ‘together, we can and we will make the difference’.

Speaking on how EMF will add value to the events industry in Gujarat. Dr. Mehta added:

We intend to conduct Brain Trust meeting, study circle meeting, seminars and one-to-one talks with learned personalities of the industry by which we develop a knowledge and technical base, people/staff to work for the Industry. Every member gets a chance to interact and share their experience among each other and at the end, they feel oneness and inclusiveness. Less of cost cutting, more of ideas and more of innovation in an event will surely help the industry in Gujarat and India as a whole.

He further talked about the need for EMF in Gujarat and how it is different from other similar bodies in India. Dr. Mehta said:

The association is looking forward to formalize the fast growing event industry and the association has been formed with a global vision. In Gujarat there are more than 500 small and big companies involved in event business, hence, EMF became the first single body to represent the interests of the industry to the government authorities, licensing bodies and other industry forums like vendors, venues etc., hence, EMF is the initiative of the “industry for the industry. This is the only Association of Event Managers of Gujarat.

The EMF may have been formed in Gujarat targeting Gujarati event management companies initially, but its vision is broader than what one may think. Speaking on EMF’s plans, Dr. Mehta said:

We do have plan to attract event managers who find Gujarat as a state filled with opportunities and our maiden event ACE 2014 is a step towards it.

Finally, Dr. Mehta talked about the benefits that Gujarat will reap with EMF's arrival. He said:

The networking and bonding generated with the likeminded people doing same business but not knowing anyone will surely get benefited as members to upgrade and increase the compatibility by sharing knowledge and experience with the rest of members. With this approach, the government, corporates and clients who want to do big and unique social events will not have to look for an event manager outside Gujarat.

He also added that the industry in Gujarat has grown fastest in the last 5 years or so. He estimates that the industry is worth 900 Cr today and stands to double by 2020. He attributes this forecast to the fact that Gujarat is fastest growing state in India.

Success story of Gujarat

Gujarat, locally known as the ‘jewel of the west’ is famously known for its business-friendly government policies and business acumen of its people. It has all along been the hub for industrial growth, education and its rich culture. Its capital Ahmedabad has the top management institute in India, it has the highest number of operating airports in India and it is also a major hub for automotive manufacturing companies. According to a recent article by Forbes Asia, Gujarat has a compounded annual growth of 13.4% outstripping the national average of 7.8%, fastest in the country. In 2011, ‘The Economist’ referred Gujarat as the Guangdong of India.

Gujarat is one of the few states in the country that has continually encouraged private sector investment. It is an electricity surplus state, a much needed status that none of the metro cities in India can boast of. It is probably the only state in India that can boast almost 100% availability of electricity in its 18,000 villages. It has also been credited with having the lowest unemployment rate in India at 1% against the national average of 3.8%, according to a recent survey done by the Chandigarh Labour Bureau.

Gujarat is also the state that pioneered investor summit in the country with its highly successful ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ campaign, which skyrocketed invest in the state from India and abroad. The summit brings together business leaders, corporations, investors, thought leaders, opinion and policy makers across the country and the world.

Gujarat is not only rich when it comes to businesses, industries, infrastructure and resources, but it is abound in cultural richness. It is the state that hosts the famous Rann Utsav and Navratri festivals. It also hosts international kite festival called ‘Uttarayan’ every year, among its biggest festivals from more than 2,000 other festivals it celebrates each year.

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