Event Industry Has Risen From Ashes In The Past Few Months: Gautam Chaturvedi, Pinetree Pictures

Technology has truly proved to be integral and crucial for any innovation connecting people in the events space, says Chaturvedi.


The digital execution of events is altogether a separate league and requires a heavy lift. In the past months it has become a rapidly transforming channel that is still greatly experimental. Rather than trying to force the learnings of what happened in person into a virtual experience, most companies have reinvented their entire program and strategy from start to finish.

In an interview with BW Applause & Everything Experiential, Gautam Chaturvedi, Director, Pinetree Pictures spoke about the scope of virtual events, how technology has strengthened the possibilities in virtual events, the support from sponsors and more.


How has the impact of pandemic been on the events and production industry? 

The sudden pandemic and ensuing lockdown has had a huge impact on the service segment, especially events, entertainment, and hospitality. Events, as we understand is- people coming together to celebrate an occasion. Now under the quarantine guidelines people could not assemble, and of course considering the health risk during the past 12 months, physical events have taken the backseat, be it corporates or individuals, everyone was concerned about their health.

How well have the virtual format of events worked for you? 

It has been a rollercoaster experience of learning and adapting new technologies. The trend of webinars and virtual events gained momentum soon after the lockdown was announced in the month of March 2020. This opened doors to learnings, overcoming challenges and exploring possibilities with each new opportunity.

Being a filmmaking company too was a bonus point for Pinetree Pictures as we were well versed with the production aspect of the virtual events. It was technology that had to be assessed and learnt. Upscaling was the key in the lockdown and we made sure that all our team members were keeping up with the new trends, technologies and required skills.

How has the integration of technology strengthened the possibilities in virtual events ?

The shift from on ground events to webinars, online conferences and virtual discussions was quick and a dire move in the nationwide lockdown. Technology has been the key in our physical events and has proven to be the backbone of virtual events too. Disruptive and strong technology-backed platforms have given us the opportunity to connect people across the globe sitting in one location and execute our processes seamlessly. While we all were locked in our houses, we had an update from every corner of the globe and all that was possible due to platforms supported by strong technology. 

With the availability of disruptive platforms like webinar, zoom and other private as well as public platforms for meetings, discussions and events, technology has truly proved to be the integral and crucial for any innovation connecting people.

How has support from sponsors been to virtual events? 

Clients were initially a bit skeptical but slowly they realised that virtual events are here to stay. Like us they too have experienced and learnt about virtual events and the advantages. It's safe, economical and gives you the liberty to connect to a much larger audience. Our clients fortunately have been very forthcoming and ready to experiment. We have successfully conducted corporate conferences, brand promotions, launches and knowledge sharing sessions virtually in the past few months.

What are some key trends that the events industry will see in the coming years? 

The event industry is a highly creative and vibrant space. It is an amalgamation of some exceptionally talented, passionate, and hard-working professionals. It has risen from ashes in the past few months and I am confident that the industry will bounce back with renewed energy and gusto. There is a new space that has been created for virtual events but the experience of a physical event shall always remain unique.  Next few months will see immense growth opportunities in Virtual Events space and by 2022 we hope that physical events will resume in full glory.  Also, enterprises have learnt that they need to cut flab, work on their bottom line, reduce fixed costs etc. which in a way will help reduce overall costs and improve efficiency.

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