Even Traditional Companies Need Experiential Marketing - Tarundeep Singh Rana, CMO, Hamdard Laboratories


Who hasn’t grown up with Rooh Afza, Safi, Rogan Badam Shirin, etc – all products of the 1906 established food and healthcare company – Hamdard Laboratories. So how does a traditional company like theirs use modern techniques of marketing – namely experiential. In talks with Tarundeep Singh Rana, Sr.General Manager & Head Marketing at Hamdard Laboratories, EE finds out how it’s done.

“A traditional company like ours is not traditional when it comes to promoting products. We are well aware of the market and the changes that are taking place.”, says Tarundeep Singh Rana. When a product is seasonal in nature ie it has seasonal sales, it is a challenge for the brand to keep it on the shelves all year round. “For a product like Rooh Afza that has seasonal sales and is mostly sold during the warmer months, it becomes difficult to keep it alive for the remaining part of the year. We overcome that successfully through letting our consumers know about the alternative uses of the product. By doing so, the consumers who have grown up with the product know how they can use it in multiple and more creative ways.”, says Tarundeep.

So does a traditional company like theirs need Experiential Marketing? “A brand may be well evolved, but it still needs to keep up with the changing standards in the market.”, says Tarundeep. “Hamdard has explored experiential marketing in a lot of ways through mall activation, product sampling, small events, etc. One such example is of Rooh Afza, where we partnered with CCD to create a number of mocktails using our product. CCD created the drinks and it was an instant hit with their customers. How we measured the success? In that short span of 3 months between July and September, CCD sold 15 lac Rooh Afza based mocktails.”, says Tarundeep.

“In conclusion, to keep your brand alive and for it to be relatable to all your different age groups of target audience, you need to keep up with your game. Matching pace with the world will keep you alive. Else you will just become obsolete and your product will lose its value, even if you have had a strong base since a number of years”, finishes Tarundeep.

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