Eureka Forbes makes water from thin air in latest experiential campaign


India is facing an acute water crisis presently. Water contamination and water scarcity are fast becoming our country’s number one woe. Reports estimate that by 2015, 334 million Indians will lack access to safe drinking water. The Indian Meteorological Department (MET) has forecasted this year’s monsoon to be the lowest in 4 years. The National Water Policy of the Government of India, Ministry of Water proclaims that ‘water which is already a scarce resource, will become even scarcer’ and that ‘non-conventional methods of sourcing and utilization of water need to be practiced”. In the wake of delayed monsoons and below-average rainfall, a threat of water scarcity is looming large over Maharashtra and rest of India.

In a bid to spread awareness about innovative, alternative ways to produce drinking water, Eureka Forbes Limited is undertaking an on-ground consumer awareness campaign to prevent a crippling water shortage in the city. Aquaguard has kicked-off a unique, experiential consumer awareness campaign in Mumbai by introducing a breakthrough technology which converts thin air to pure, healthy drinking water. The air-water generator is designed and developed by Aquaguard in collaboration with Mumbai-based WaterMaker. 

With a month-long campaign, Aquaguard Canters will showcase this unique technology which will convert 120 litres, 500 glasses of pure, healthy water on a daily average from atmospheric air. In the coming weeks, the canter will tour across 16 strategic locations in Mumbai namely Nariman Point, Worli Sea Face, Priyadarshini Park, Lokhandwala Circle, Yari Road, Evershine Nagar, Thakur Complex, Majiwada, Teen Haath Naka etc.

The WaterMaker machine uses refrigeration techniques, capturing water vapour before it touches the earth and provides a localized source of pure water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. The machine works on electricity or alternate sources of energy to condense, collect, filter and dispense pure, healthy drinking water. This machine works most effectively in warm areas with high humidity. It is designed to produce water as per the rated capacity when average temperature is 25ºC - 32ºC and relative humidity is between 70% - 75%Rh. The output increases with increase in humidity and vice versa. The large atmospheric water generators in the machine have an inbuilt chiller system to maintain the temperature of the water at 8ºC - 13ºC; the cold temperature ensures no bacterial growth.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Marzin R. Shroff, CEO Direct Sales and Senior VP, Marketing, Eureka Forbes Limited said, “India is facing an acute water crisis owing to delayed monsoons and subsequent water scarcity. At Eureka Forbes, we have been striving hard to educate consumers about right use of water purification technologies which is the most suitable for their drinking water quality. Most consumers are unaware that incorrect use of water purification technology can be harmful not only to their health but also to environment. Our Aquaguard air-to-water initiative is in line with our mission to provide safe, healthy and happy environment to our consumers. This campaign is an endeavor to showcase futuristic and market-changing concepts which will safeguard both consumer and environment interests.”

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