Emotional Intelligence – Enabling women entrepreneurs to have a competitive edge in the ‘new normal’: Pooja Jauhari

Encourage women to speak up and to believe in their voice so that they can negotiate their future and build a career they don’t want to give up writes Pooja Jauhari, CEO, The Glitch.


Do women entrepreneurs have a competitive edge in the new world? When the journalist shared this topic for me to write on, my heart did a happy dance. Have the winds changed I thought? A conversation around our competitive edge needs to be spoken about more, so we bring balance to the world. I know I am inviting hate when I say this that if the dialogue is always going to be about what we were suppressed for (which is an extremely important conversation) we will only end up becoming a data point companies have to manage. 

Rather let’s focus on the brilliance of a balanced world and the heightened unlocking of a women’s emotional intelligence (EI) is definitely one of them. I’m a glass half full kinda person. There are so many factors at work that are against women, we are not as liked compared to our male colleagues, we are told alpha women can’t work together, we seem bossy, or too emotional, not professional or something I’ve been hearing a bit lately not professionally mature and yada yada the list goes on. I desperately want to change that narrative. While my generation still has a long way to achieve balance, I would want my daughter to be liked for her awesomeness and professional capability.

The opportunity is real, while EI exists with all genders. In my experience women have had to use it more. 600 words are not enough to talk about the Why and as I stated above, I instead want to focus on the how. Ladies, how can unlocking your EI help give you a competitive edge? EI encourages you to create equal opportunities. As working women today, we have the incredible opportunity to break the cycle of women dropping out of the work force. 

The main reasons they drop out is because the time away from family either doesn’t seem worth it or their husbands have better opportunities, so it just makes sense for them to drop out. But if more and more women don’t raise their hand and demand a seat on the table, how will we achieve equality? How will it ever be worth it? How will it ever bridge the wage gap? EI helps you recognise that and build policies that work for both men and women. Encourage women to speak up and to believe in their voice so that they can negotiate their future and build a career they don’t want to give up. I never for once have believed this is the right way for all women, it’s for women who want to have the option to work. I have said this before, a balanced workplace sets itself up for success.

Data, ads, films etc have given us enough proof that success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively for women. Again, as working women we have the opportunity to change that. Let’s set good examples, create positive stories, and stop the correlation of bossy, emotional, aggressive negatively towards women. Spin them into positives and create a company where a progressive high-performance compassionate culture propels your business to staggering heights.

And lastly, as entrepreneurs don’t second guess yourself. We have heard many stories comparing how men and women are treated differently in similar situations, how VC’s would fund a man over a woman on the same exact idea. The world is learning to adapt to women’s capabilities. Stay focussed, keep fighting, the glass is half full. Our grand moms didn’t have what we have.

The task and opportunities at hand are bigger than us, bigger than just our personal struggles. It’s that of 50% of the world and if all of us help each other, we’ll leave behind a better world where our daughters will always raise their hands for what they want and get the opportunities they truly deserve because they didn’t back down.

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