Emceeing the iPhone XS and XS Max Launch: Swati Sharma

Swati Sharma takes us through the launch of the iPhone XS and XS Max event in Mumbai conceptualized and executed by team Vibgyor Brand services.


I landed at Mumbai airport at 4:30 am on 28th of September, the day the iPhone XS and XS Max was to launch in India. I reached home and got my dress and bag ready for the day’s event conceptualized and executed by team Vibgyor Brand services led by CEO Ankur Kalra. I got a few hours of shut eye and woke up to a few coordination messages from Kanika for the event. 

I was given my location for the day and was sent Ushmi’s number who was in charge of that particular location. The location was Maple store at Bandra Linking Road, which is one of Apple’s premium resellers. I had to reach ready as discussed, so post makeup and hair I got in to my attire for the day which was a black designer dress, put on my heels and got in to my car. I made sure to get the printout on the way for the script sheet that was sent to me on email by Shahana. 

I had gone through the email before and I once again went through the pointers as I was on the way to the venue. It included the dos and don’ts along with features of iPhone XS and XS Max highlighted. Also a quiz with iPhone related questions to engage the audience. 

The launch was simultaneously carried out at 17 such locations across India being managed by Vibgyor. Once I reached the venue I saw a beautiful red carpet setup, a selfie spot with the iPhone XS and XS Max picture and a sound system playing Apple music. I met with Ushmi who had been there since afternoon and she guided me to wait for sometime inside the Maple store downstairs at the sitting area. 

After some wait we went outside where the iPhone buyers were going to gather to get their hands on the pre booked smart phones. The Maple store brought down its shutter halfway so the buzz could be taken to its peak with all the future owners of the iPhone gathering for the launch time. Here is when my role steps in. As the guests started coming in I went up to them to interact and engage with the quiz as well as their overall admiration for iPhone. Each waiting customer was handed a Star Bucks snack bag and water bottle to make the wait easier. I made the announcements hyping the launch at the already buzzing linking road, mentioning the all new iPhone features, and also the special EMI offers for the passer buys. 

People started lining up, the que started growing and we also simultaneously guided the customers to get a selfie at the selfie spot. I also got into deeper conversations with the iPhone lovers in que. A gentleman shared his enthusiasm for the dual camera with depth control as he has a young child and he loves to capture all the cute activities on his phone. 

Another guest was a lady there with her son, buying the iPhone as his 18th Birthday gift. There was also a retired couple who came and was very joyful on the thought of finally getting their hands on their new upgraded device. All these stories made the environment very joyful and full of anticipation. To add to the excitement was a famous RJ from Red FM who was all set to do Facebook live with the first iPhone XS and XS Max owners. 

The moment drew closer and seconds before 6 pm we had a countdown along with the excited people in the que, 10 ...9…8…7 ……….3…2…1! and with confetti blasts and pumping music the shutter to Maple store opened for the Buyers filled with enthusiasm and energy. The cash counters were flooded and we waited outside to capture the first reactions of each new iPhone owner who walked out with their latest device. The new iPhone XS and XS Max powered with A12 BIONIC chip, the Liquid Retina LCD display, dual camera with depth control, group face to face video chat features and all the new latest innovations that iPhone had introduced with the launch. 

The guests were shot walking down from the red carpet like celebrities being clicked by paparazzi and they happily posed flaunting their shopping bags. The customers were cheerful and each one had a big smile on their face. Some were in a hurry to reach home and change into their new devices, while a few were happy to share their favorite features and groove to the music to express themselves. 

There was a father who had bought the device for his daughter studying in Australia as a surprise, and a Young business guy with his friend who shared his plans of taking the first selfie with his wife. It went on till late in the night and that is how the iPhone XS and XS Max was launched in India. I took my leave, was handed over my cheque, and got on my way home recollecting the wonderful moments of the event while Ushmi stayed back a bit longer to wrap the branding and collect the data from camera person and send selected pictures for updates on the iPhone page. 

Yet another fulfilling day at work wrapped. Off to the next stage.  

The purpose of this article was to share the highlights of the event along with the hustle, preparation and coordination that takes place on behalf of an EMCEE as well as the event team in order to implement an event such as iPhone XS and XS MAX launch. 

You can connect with the writer on insta-@officialswati , FB - @iofficialswati. 

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