EEMA needs a strong, proven-leader who can create working relationships internally and with the external ecosystem: Harjinder Jindi

Read this exclusive interview with Harjinder Jindi, MD, ShowWorks Eventz.


Harjinder Jindi, MD, ShowWorks Eventz is one of the most respected names of the events industry. Being one of the founding members of EEMA, he believes that together the events industry can survive any crisis and EEMA can help in ensuring this.

In an interview with Everything Experiential, Jindi speaks about his association with EEMA and the way forward for the events industry.

How has your association with EEMA been?

Having seen the birth of our Event Industry in the 1990s;

I’ve worked alongside most of our owner-members across the country – stretched across Delhi to Kolkata, Guwahati, Srinagar, Kochi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Calicut, Vizag, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Pune, Goa and Mumbai and every city in between.

It was my passion for our industry, and the belief that we needed an apex body, which drove me to get event industry leaders on board when we formed EEMA in 2008. I was also responsible for drafting it’s MOA and having it registered.

I have dedicatedly supported the efforts to ensure that the industry gets its rightful place in the experiential, entertainment and communication business.

How has EEMA evolved over the years?

I can say with pride that I have seen EEMA grow over the past 12 years.

My mentor Michael Menezes, who got me into business of Events from Advertising, was also the founding President while I was the Treasurer in the initial years. Later in 2013 was the Executive Vice President of EEMA in 2013 while Mr. Brian Tellis was the President EEMA. Played the role of Mentor to the President, at his request, when Mr. Sabbas Joseph began his Presidential journey in 2014.

During these times, I have been a key member of many EEMA initiatives and also facilitated multiple editions of our annual convention – EEMAGINE when we began in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014 and our last edition in 2019.

What are some of the industry expectations from upcoming elections?

Times have changed, it is time for us to change as well, as we look at new challenges.

Our industry has never faced a bigger challenge than what has been thrown at us today and the need of the hour is to have an experienced collaborative management team lead EEMA for the next two years.

In any association, the General Secretary plays a pivotal role in keeping the association running, especially ensuring that the voices of members are heard, irrespective of how large their companies are or which city they are based in.

Today EEMA needs a General Secretary who is committed, transparent, fair, collaborative, down to earth and at the same time with a national and global view.

What is your vision for EEMA?

We began EEMA with a dream. To be the apex body of the industry, to work together as equals to build an ecosystem of respect, support and collaboration. We dreamed of educating each other, sharing knowledge, celebrating the success of each other and building an ecosystem that can engage with government for the benefit of all.

What is the event industry expecting from the new leadership?

EEMA needs a strong, proven-leader who can create working relationships internally and with the external ecosystem;

a leader with a deep understanding and knowledge of the members across the regions- one that can be trusted!

What is the way to recovery for the event industry?

· Build a community that’s focused on business and building relationships across the ecosystem, especially in the COVID19 times

· Increase the membership of EEMA in coming year. More numbers should help build a collective voice before government and policy makers.

· Ensure EEMA becomes the industry’s apex body with regional associations across the country as members or supported by EEMA

· Encourage Event managers from unorganized sector to join organized sector and become EEMA members

· Provide members support through knowledge-sharing, legal support, business consultancy and introduced standardized contracts for HR, Supply chain and Artists, Venues, Clients, insurance, etc.

· Work towards creating our own EEMA Education Institute; Focus on Train the trainers program to improve quality of event education

· Strengthen WeCare initiative of EEMA and implementation of Vishakha Committee guidelines for safety of women in our industry

· Bring in much-required changes in EEMA constitution considering the current environment and being inclusive

· Strive for Unity in Diversity .

We need to stand together for our future, for the future of our industry, for the future of our companies.

EEMA Can Ensure Change

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