EEMA grew manifold under the leadership of our President Sanjoy Roy.: Vipul Pandhi

Vipul Pandhi, Founder & Director - Workaholics Event Solutions spoke about some key achievements of EEMA and more.


Vipul Pandhi, Founder & Director - Workaholics Event Solutions Pvt. Ltd has helmed EEMAs North India chapter and is once again standing for re-election. There is buzz in the industry that Pandhi has done  commendable job which could help him win a second term.

We spoke to Pandhi about the key achievements of EEMA North under his leadership and his vision if re-elected.


What would you call the key achievements of EEMA under the last leadership?

EEMA grew manifold under the leadership of our President  Sanjoy Roy. He was a great leader and guided us throughout the journey. His belief and faith in us led us to achieve unprecedented growth over the last 2 years. Some of the key achievements can be identified as

a. Highest ever growth in initiatives undertaken and member added to the EEMA Family

b. Setting up of EEMA secretariat to support the members and help the industry grow.

c. EEMA was one of the first associations to take training and engagement to the virtual world during the lockdown. EEMA Stay at Home Concerts, Future Ready Workshops, Michael Menezes Knowledge Series, EEMA Power Talks were some of the notable initiatives undertaken during lockdown. Workshops and sessions conducted during this period were helpful in training our young leader and raise the bar of excellence in the industry. 

What would you call the key achievements of EEMA North under your leadership? 

As our tenure is coming to an end, we are content and proud to have achieved new benchmarks while working towards the growth of the industry.

Initiatives undertaken and delivered at this scale were only possible with the support of our members who stepped forward and contributed in large numbers. I would like to thank them for coming forward and contributing throughout our journey. The credit of this large body of work goes to our North Working Committee comprising of Atul Chabra, Prerana Saxena, and Ruchin Kohli. I would also like to thank our president, Sanjoy Roy, and other colleagues in the NEC who were always there when we needed them most.

Some of the notable achievements of our team in North Zone were:

1. Around 108 initiatives planned and executed along with 87 new members added to the EEMA Family. This is by far the highest numbers ever achieved in EEMA for initiatives undertaken and the membership added by a zone since its inception 12 years ago. Event industry get-together under the umbrella of EEMA for the first time happened in smaller cities like Amritsar, Kanpur, and Lucknow.

2. Creating knowledge sharing, mentoring, and collaborative platforms for members to learn from each other and unlock their true potential through EEMA Connect, Future Ready Leadership Series, Coffee with EEMA, and other similar initiatives.

3. Engaging with around 50 education institutes imparting education in event management across India by way of

a. Drafting the curriculum for course in event management 

b. Signing MOUs with colleges with a focus on nurturing talent for the industry.

c. Launch of Michael Menezes Scholarship Program for the students who wish to take up event management as a career in 10 colleges across India.

d.Train the trainer program to up-skill around 70 faculty members across 25 cities in India.

4. Engaging and development of our ecosystem comprising of Corporates, Hotels, Artists, Presenters, etc. while laying the foundation of a strong event ecosystem engagement and development.

5. Launch of EEMA Certified programs in partnership with AVIXA ( US-based organization, global leaders in training and certification of Audio Visual experts) along with EEMA certificated  PowerPoint Professional and EEMA certified Conceptualiser Training Program. These certifications will ensure trained, qualified, certified technical staff at our events while raising safety and delivery standards across the industry.   

What will be the three big priorities before the new EEMA leadership?

I believe our industry is going through the toughest times and to re-build the event industry in a post COVID world will be the biggest challenge. Many of us will have re-think our strategies and acquire new skills to remain relevant in today’s environment where social distancing is the key. The 3 big priorities should be

a. Learn, adapt, and remain relevant to our clients in the new post COVID world. New possible revenue models to be explored basis the strengths of the agencies aimed at adding value to brands in the social distancing times. This should be a short term plan to be implemented from August - December 2020.

b. Support our members who are fighting for survival to sail through these challenging times while training and skilling them to be a better professional once social distancing is behind us. This plan should focus on life in life 2021 hopefully when COVID will be behind us.

c. Educate clients on how our agencies can help them achieve their goals in the current environment.

d. Come together as a strong industry body who can liaison with government, banks, and other relevant institutions with the objective of obtaining support for the members and industry at large. 

You are contesting again this time, tell us about your manifesto?

“Rome was not built in a Day”

We have laid the foundation of numerous initiatives and we will now focus on taking them to the next level.

During the last 2 years, several MOUs were signed and relationships were established across the industry. We plan to carry forward the initiatives undertaken during our last tenure along with focus on: 

1.Post-COVID Action Plan

2.Education in event management.

3.Train and Certify industry professionals

4.Engage with Government and Corporates

5.Strengthen Advisory services for EEMA members

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