EEMA President Writes to PM Modi After Imposition of New Restrictions on Events

India’s event industry employs over 10 million people and continues to be in distress.


Covid-19 has been harsh on businesses across domains. The fate of event industry is no different. A mammoth industry that employs over 10 million people, this industry continues to be in distress.

Over the past few months, the industry was on a road to recovery and there was a new hope in sight. However the new restrictions announced in the wake of the rising covid-19 cases has once again shattered the hopes of the industry. An industry that has suffered a lot is made to suffer again.

Now EEMA President Roshan Abbas has written to the Prime Minister calling for immediate action to save the event industry from another crisis.

“Every time the restrictions come into place, the first and the foremost step taken is towards the closure of events or limiting crowds. We have always believed and adhered to the guidelines shared by the government. But in doing so, the people of this industry have suffered a lot”, wrote Abbas.

He also raised questions about the ongoing political rallies. “A rally is held in the day and a curfew imposed at night. Does the virus not operate during the day? Why doesn’t the government put a stop on these and take a universal measure, so we feel that everything is being done to control the virus. We need to believe we swim or sink together”, mentioned the letter.

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