EEMA President Sabbas Joseph addresses fraternity at EEMAGINE 2015


President’s Address

Stage set for EEMAGINE: Let’s Rock: Sabbas Joseph

EEMAGINE is the one convention, when once a year all of us come together. This year it has come a few months early with the clear intention of separating our conference EEMAGINE, from our annual awards - EEMAX. And despite the fact that there are no awards, the participation at the convention is amazing as you will see when the conference kicks off on April 7.

The kickoff today is not just for EEMAGINE but it also preempts India’s biggest festival, and the biggest Live event – Indian Premier League (IPL) – that commences on April 7. We have some brilliant minds sharing what the business has to offer and the new frontiers there are. There is no event more entertaining than sports, which reaches out and impacts a large population on a daily basis. For us in the Live industry, it is a delight to know more about sports, the role that it plays in entertainment, in communication, in films and in various other aspects.

The conference is packed with phenomenal content, and brilliant minds who would outline for us broad strokes of the future. With that, and a rebooted EEMA, I welcome you all to EEMAGINE 2015. Let’s rock.

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