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Recently, EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) North zone members assembled in New Delhi to discuss ideas and initiatives that they would like the organization to implement in the foreseeable future. Several eminent faces from the event space were seen canvassing various initiatives to be amalgamated for the enhancement of the organization, its employees, members and vendors. The members were also encouraged to share personal views during the meet.

Mandeep Singh, Treasurer EEMA commenced the team-building session by dividing all EEMA members in the audience in groups of five each. Each team was required to put forth two initiatives which, if found worthy, would be considered for implementation within the association.  A lot of great ideas were evinced by the members out of which five of the best picked were:

“Share with Care- Let’s make a difference” an EEMA initiative to collect used clothes, flex etc. that can be provided to underprivileged kids and the needy with the help of NGOs. A heartfelt idea that was easy to replicate and well accepted by the audience.

Another great suggestion came up pertaining to the education of the employees. A member belonging to a team said, “We keep on talking about our employees being our strength and them being our assets, but we do very little to educate them in a relevant manner. I want to cite the example of a workshop we did between two agencies that proved to be super hit. I think we should thus work in smaller groups-focused agenda on pan India basis”. Employee education was in particular a noteworthy proposition to be shared amongst the members.

Another great idea shared by Vijay Arora, Director at Touchwood Events, was “there will be a consortium made of people who sign artistes for different shows and if EEMA agencies use them, they will get concessions and the association will also contribute to EEMA at the same time. The conglomerate would use EEMA platform to sell artists”.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, it was suggested by Rajesh Varma, Director at CRI Events, that the ‘Rabindra Rangshala’ located on the ridge road be overtaken by EEMA, considering the fact that it is a beautiful venue surrounded by lush greenery with a capacity to accommodate 5,000 people and is being underutilized. The team contemplated it to be a revenue model and thus suggested EEMA explore the possibilities of a contractual association.

Another idea was floated to initiate an event where not only members but the suppliers/ service providers too get awarded and become a part of the celebrations. More precisely, the members put forth the idea of high engagement of EEMA North members with their partners. Adding to which, they proposed a celebratory ‘Partners Day’ annually enabling the service providers/vendors to be an active part of EEMA.

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