Diageo brings global culture to Mumbai


Johnnie Walker, the premium scotch brand by Diageo, is all set to offer Mumbai a unique experiential festival on Dec 14, 2013 - Johnnie Walker: The Journey, at Mehboob Studios. This event is an extension of the brand’s ‘India 2023’ digital campaign where it urges users on Facebook to submit their version of a headline that will make waves in 2023. ‘India becomes the first corruption-free country’, ‘Infosys acquires Microsoft’ and ‘Search giant Google now based in India’ are some of the headlines suggested on the brand’s interactive Facebook page.

The art festival

Johnnie Walker - The Journey is an unique concept that brings together a global cultural experience using the creative mediums of film, music and performance arts. The day’s events will include live performances by world-renowned musicians, a critically acclaimed hand-puppet theatre production company, debut film screenings, idea-sharing sessions with the day`s performers and interactive workshops. 2013 will see the first Johnnie Walker - The Journey, and it will truly be a one-of-its-kind experience,” said Bhavesh Somaya, Marketing Director, Diageo India.

The festival will showcase performances by English progressive band The Alan Parsons Live Project, Ouroboros - The Handspring Puppet Company, theatre producer - John N Hart Jr, creative director Shane Carruth and Qaushiq Mukherjee. Somaya added, 'We are confident that Johnnie Walker The Journey will set a new benchmark in the industry and lead a progressive movement among the Indian audiences. The festival will present a wealth of cultural knowledge and content that will be narrated by artistes, who have an intriguing story of personal progress.'

Amalgamation of global culture

A confluence of global art and culture, The Journey will give art enthusiasts a wealth of cultural knowledge and inspiring content. It is expected to emerge as the cutting edge platform in India that will give audiences an opportunity to interact with experts, share progressive ideas and connect with like-minded people through moving performances, workshops and demonstrations.

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