Delhi Art Week Is Back With Its Second Edition

A Week-Long Celebration of Modern and Contemporary Art in New Delhi on 24th August 2022


Delhi Art Week is back with its Second Edition which kicks off in the capital on 24th August 2022. A Week-Long Celebration of Modern and Contemporary Art in New Delhi. 4 Art Zones, 34 Galleries, 2 museums, and more than 4 Institutions

are participating

Delhi Art Week (DAW) aims to bring together private and public art institutions to raise awareness, educate and focus attention on modern and contemporary art in New Delhi, India. The key goal of this collaborative initiative is to strengthen ties between art organizations and art lovers and encourage patronage.

The first edition of DAW, held from 3-10 April 2021, brought together, for the first time ever, a variety of art programs from 37 participating galleries and 4 institutions, including 2 museums. DAW 2021 also organized the city into 4 distinct “art zones”, thereby providing easy access and navigation through the Capital’s gallery and museum network. DAW’s website and Instagram pages further provided resources to those interested in engaging in Delhi’s art world.

Unlike the inaugural edition of DAW, a second edition is a hybrid event, which adds a new distinctive element to the week – not only will galleries and institutions showcase their programming physically in their own spaces, but DAW 2022 will also be online on the internationally recognized platform, Artsy. This virtual presence of the week will provide a global audience a sense of the rich diversity of Indian contemporary and modern art available in the Capital city. DAW exhibits will be virtually on view on Artsy till 14th September 2022.

Delhi Art Week 2022 starts August 24 and continues until August 31, 2022 physically and virtually on Artsy it continues until 14th September 2022.

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