DFITZY ensures to give an excellent experience with best in class technology: Mazhar Nadiadwala

In an interview with Everything Experiential, Mazhar Nadiadwala, Managing Director, Dome Entertainment spoke about the fitness app DFITZY, its usefulness during the lockdown and more.


Dome Entertainment recently launched its venture in the health and fitness sector, the DFITZY App. The current nationwide lockdown and stringent social distancing norms mean that parks and gyms are increasingly inaccessible and this is what makes DFITZY’s launch timing perfect.

DFITZY aims to cater to all fitness enthusiasts looking for alternatives to gym-centric workout routines. The app has been designed keeping in mind the need for a mind-body balance during such unprecedented times.

In an interview with Everything Experiential, Mazhar Nadiadwala, Managing Director, Dome Entertainment spoke about the fitness app DFITZY, its usefulness during the lockdown and more.

What made you take this leap from events and entertainment to health and fitness?

Dome Entertainment as a brand has successfully made its mark over the years as one of the premium events and entertainment destination in India. As hosts of some of the biggest world-class events, our focus has always been on offering an unforgettable experience to our consumers.

However, in lieu of the current situation, we realized that nothing was as imperative as physical and mental well-being and hence decided to launch an experiential in this segment. Thus, we came up with DFITZY, an interactive health and fitness app that encourages people to shift the focus on mental and physical health. Considering, people are confined within their homes and are working from and at home; fitness is of prime importance at the moment. It is important to take note of one’s mental and physical wellbeing to not only fight the contagion but also keep yourself fit and fresh.

What was the thought behind DFITZY?

Our first thought was what if the lockdown does not permit you to hit the gym, there can never be an excuse good enough for fitness and health! The idea was to help people adapt a transformative lifestyle, encourage people to integrate fitness in their daily routine and motivate the one’s in lockdown to keep up with their fitness schedules. We wanted to reinstate that ‘health indeed is wealth’

DFITZY is a revolutionizing platform wherein live interactive fitness sessions are conducted and one can experience the energy of a group fitness class. Led by star trainers, the app can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home. The app currently offers LIVE classes across various fitness formats like Yoga, Functional Training, Zumba & Pilates spanning through six days of the week. This platform will give real-time feedback on one’s workout thus helping them achieve their fitness goal. DFITZY ensures to give its members an excellent experience with their best in class technology.

Tell us about the USP of the app and what makes it different from its competitors?

We are an online fitness platform that caters to distinguished individual needs, and a progressive growth and sustainable business model that engages more and more users. It also ensures one gets to workout with the best fitness trainers in real time while socially interacting with other like -minded enthusiasts. The app also provides customized diet plan for every member.

While other apps offer only training sessions, we can be considered one of the firsts to host real time interactions between the trainers and learners/ members. We have the best trainers who will ensure that every member receives optimum attention with regards to their routine and supervise them personally to guarantee the expected results. Also our customized diet plan as per individual requirement is a bonus.

What are the future plans for DFITZY?

Our long-term vision for the brand is to be committed to providing 360-degree fitness related services online while enriching people physically and mentally.

In addition to that our other plans are to provide the necessary nutrition wherein nutritionists can have one on one session on customized food modules for toning, weight loss and weight gain. Also, we plan on hosting Masterclass (Chef Videos) to help people’s food intake as per their diet.

In addition to that, we plan on holding sessions on new trainings, new concepts, customized modules (or collection of sessions or prerecorded video for particular fitness goal), international skills with international trainers (like karate, taikwaondo from japan) among others. Further on, DFITZY also plans to introduce time based workouts along with fitness social network.

How will the app benefit its consumers during this lockdown and post that?

As the recent pandemic has most people confined within their homes thus missing their daily gym sessions and fitness routines, DFITZY being a live interactive platform will help in bringing gym experience to one’s home. With the best trainers n-monitoring every member closely and customized diet plans, the app will surely be the next best friend for people wanting to practice fitness regime at home. While people are skeptical in attending classes or gyms due to this pandemic, the app ensures no one has to miss out on their routine by bringing their gym or classes within the four walls of their homes.

What is the business model of this new venture?

At Dome Entertainment, we always believe in providing best in class experience to our valued customers – so be it events or our newly launched app DFITZY. While I would love to divulge into details about the business model about this new venture, but I feel we are still at a very nascent stage to speak on that. As and when we progress, we will definitely let the world know.

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