Creative experiential campaigns by fitness brands


With an aim to encourage people to stay fit, several brands have taken to experiential to enforce their point and leverage their core values. EE identifies 6 creative instances of brand communication where experiential is used as a medium by fitness brands. Get ready to be motivated or embarrassed, either ways you’ll be raring to workout by the time you’re done reading.


Nike, in an experiential marketing tactic, prevented people from sitting on park benches by removing the planks where people could sit and leaving only the backrests. These benches were set up in parks with Nike’s logo and “RUN” written on the backrest. The motive was to encourage people to run and work out rather than sit on the bench and rest. 

Adidas D Rose Jump Store

Adidas organized the “D Rose Jump Store” in London to promote Derrick Rose’s signature Adidas sneakers. The concept was simple (use Derrick Rose’s presence to create buzz among fans), Adidas took it to another level by adding depth to their activation. In addition to meeting the famous Chicago Bulls point guard, fans had the opportunity to win a free pair of the signature sneaker if they could jump 10 feet to reach them. By having participants jump the same distance needed to reach a regulation basketball hoop, it gave each consumer perspective into the basketball player’s life. Whether participants walked away empty handed or with a new $100 set of shoes, they all had an experience that they will always remember and associate with Adidas.

Companhia Athletica

Companhia Athletica Gym in São Paulo Brazil, placed slanted benches in parks. Every time someone tried to sit down, they would slide off the bench. The motive was to make people work out.

GelaToni Diet Bench

GelaToni installed broken benches to advertise GelaToni Diet dietary gelatin. It demonstrated that an overweight person earlier sat on it and caused the bench to crack. A sticker saying “Control your body weight with GelaToni Diet” was pasted on the backrest’s front.

Slim Fast Diet Drink Bench

Slim Fast Diet Drink installed a small bench in an experiential marketing tactic to promote their diet drink. The plan was simple and implied that if a person who wasn’t able to sit on it would have to lose weight. The main motive was to increase awareness about Slim Fast which also provides Diet Plans to lose weight.

Kellogg’s Special K

Kellogg’s to increase awareness of the Special K installed benches that bends downwards when someone sits on it. The sign on the bench says, “Time for special K, 99% Fat Free”.

Fitness First Rotterdam Bus Shelter

Bus shelters in Rotterdam, Netherlands started its exciting digital roadside deployments of `Fitness First.’ The concept had a weighing scale attached in the seat to show how much the person sitting on it weighed. It was a clever campaign to embarrass and make people work out.

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