Craft beer has a unique style and taste, which can only be enjoyed if poured right: Anuj Kushwah, Witlinger Beer

Craft Beer Brand Witlinger has launched its ‘Now Rolling’ initiative which is the first of its kind concept in India. Driven on enhancing consumer knowledge and generating awareness on beer drinking habits to create an authentic experience of crafted beers, the campaign aims to target beer lovers with an interesting awareness drive around the craft beer experience. In an exclusive interview with EE, Anuj Kushwah talks about Witlinger’s ‘Now Rolling’ campaign, the unique ‘Wit-parties’ and the placement of the brand in the Indian market. Excerpts from his interview.


Q- What made you launch Witlinger?
It all started with the FSSAI regulation on mentioning the ingredients on alcohol bottles, at that time a lot of foreign brands withdrew their pull from the Indian markets citing the regulations by the government. I am someone who understands beer and also the Indian market. In 2014 I saw a huge opportunity of launching Witlinger in India. The USP of the product being India’s first craft beer. An idea which at that time was unknown to the consumer.

Q- What are the experiential activities you are carrying out for Witlinger in India?
Though the market for beer in India is vast but the audience for a certain kind of taste is very niche. The idea behind establishing Witlinger in the market is for people to understand the right way of drinking, hence we have launched the Now Rolling campaign which is to roll the beer before drinking it. This way one can experience the real taste and all the aromas of the beer. We are soon going to launch a fresh concept of Wit- Parties by Witlinger wherein end users get a chance to organize their own party sponsored by the brand. This will give the consumer the real essence of Witlinger.

Q- The “Now Rolling” campaign was flagged off at Lord Of The drinks, what was the reason for the association?
Our aim is to target beer lovers who like to socialise over beer. LOD is a place to do the same. The major audience we want to target with Witlinger is the sort people who hit bars like LOD. However we are planning to target 100 other bars in Delhi. The big names being Beer Café, and Town House.

Q- What are the future plans for Witlinger in India?
The primary target as of now is to hit almost every bar in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. Making people understand the concept of drinking craft beer. In the long run we are aiming to move into fine dining and support the idea of brunches with Wit Beer. We are already in talks with Hyatt and Olive café and will hopefully have some big news very soon.

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