Children Have Suffered The Most During COVID-19 Pandemic: GiveIndia COO Sumit Tayal

"I think children have suffered the most during this pandemic. Their education, nutrition, health, security - just about every aspect of their lives has been affected," he said.


GiveIndia, an Indian nonprofit organization that aims to channel and provide resources to credible non-governmental organizations, has become one of the foremost organizations in the entire country when it comes to impactful social contributions. GiveIndia has partnered with SIMAO for its second edition this year and is planning to raise funds for underprivileged children. 

In an interview with BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Sumit Tayal, COO, GiveIndia spoke about this association and more. 

Q. In this last phase of Sunfeast India Move As One, the entire contribution will go towards the causes of children. How will this inspire more corporations and citizens to come forward?

Ans- I think children have suffered the most during this pandemic. Their education, nutrition, health, security - just about every aspect of their lives has been affected. And sadly, thousands have lost their primary caregivers to COVID-19. So this is a great decision by Sunfeast India Move As One to donate the entire contribution towards children from affected communities to provide them the support. When corporations and individual citizens know that the money they will donate will be used for the right cause in a transparent manner, that is a great motivation itself.  Corporates can also encourage their employees to come together as a team and take up this cause.

Q. This is your second year of association with this event and the focus this year is on children. Tell us more about this cause? How did you arrive at it?

Ans- The second wave has been tragic for many where families have lost their loved ones to COVID-19. Children are no different. There are cases where they have lost their parents, single or both, or their primary caregivers. A recent report in The Lancet said such children are at risk of experiencing mental health problems, physical, emotional, and sexual violence, and family poverty as they struggle to make ends meet with livelihoods compromised. Besides, nearly 25 crore children have been out of school for well over a year, half of whom can’t even avail online classes- forget how challenging online education is for young learners. Children have possibly been the worst affected group as the pandemic has harmed their development and wellbeing in multiple ways. When you take all this into consideration it was a fairly simple choice.

Q. What is the impact that you are trying to create with this association this year, have you set any target in mind?

Ans- This year, we're trying to mobilize the country to come together to support children from affected families with nutritional needs, educational support, basic medical facilities, child protection, and psychological counseling. The 70+ charity partners who are representing the cause during Sunfeast India Move As One 2021 have already identified close to 2 lakh children who they're seeking to support through their efforts going forward.

Q. The last two years have been tough economically, what all initiatives have you undertaken to help the needy?

Ans- Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started last year, GiveIndia has tried to reach more and more people through its various healthcare and humanitarian initiatives. GiveIndia set up the India COVID Response Fund (ICRF) to tackle the first and second waves quickly and effectively. As part of this, we provided cash relief to families of COVID deceased, augmented physical healthcare infrastructure (ICUs, Covid care centres), procured medical equipment oxygen concentrators, cylinders, oximeters, oxygen generation plants), supplemented essential medical supplies and healthcare support (ambulances, PPE kits, screening, testing, medical personnel, etc), facilitated free vaccine drives for underserved communities and provided humanitarian support (cooked meals and ration kits) across urban and rural areas of the country.

Our impact on the ground during the second wave included:

-40,000 oxygen concentrators and cylinders at hospitals and to individuals at homes

-279 districts of 25 States and 2 UTs supported through oxygen intervention

-50 oxygen generation plants are being installed across the country

-Over 87,000 diagnostic and wellness kits, 18,000 oximeters, and 27,000 isolation kits were distributed

-3.8 lakh people reached with meals and food rations

-Cash relief was provided for over 3,500 families of COVID-deceased. 

Q. How critical is the role of sports when it comes to social service?

Ans- Sport has always been bringing people and communities together. Sunfeast India Move As One is born out of this very same idea - how a sporting event can mobilize the entire nation as a torch-bearer of social change. Besides, sport for development is recognized in the social sector as an important tool to assist in teaching life skills with health benefits to children and young adults.

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